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Are we seeing the real KJI at last?

Don Kirk has a brief dispatch in the Christian Science Monitor that questions whether former US President Bill Clinton actually met with Kim Jong-il or his body double.  I sincerely … Continue reading

10/31/2009 · 1 Comment

Guidance From the North Country

(n.b. Kim Jong-il’s last appearance was around 22 October at a guidance tour of the 26 September and 22 October Pig Farms) Kim Jong-il and the guidance party did not … Continue reading

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The Bozz to Pyongyang, KJI Invited to Beijing

Reuters reported earlier today of a possible trip by DPRK Special Envoy (and Fletcher School Dean) Stephen Bosworth to Pyongyang.  Yomiuri Shimbun has a more detailed report about Ambassador Bosworth’s … Continue reading

10/29/2009 · 1 Comment

Habemus Successor? Or Thaek it to the Limit?

Another report has surfaced in the South Korean press that Kim Jong-un is undergoing a “grooming process” (what Medieval Europe royalty would term a “prince’s education”) to succeed his father.  … Continue reading

10/29/2009 · 1 Comment

Kim Jong-il’s Love in an Elevator

This is an admittedly trivial posting, but KCNA has a short story about Kim Jong-il’s guidance tour of Pothonggang Shop.  Last week I posted that General-Secretary Kim was in a … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-un’s First KPA Guidance Tour?

It seems Kim Jong-un (Kim Jong-il’s youngest son and supposed successor) was deflowered in the role of conducting a guidance tour solus.  Chosun Ilbo reports that Mr. Kim inspected the … Continue reading

10/28/2009 · 2 Comments

More Succession Scuttlebutt

Last week, Nam Sung-wook, an expert on the DPRK Leadership who is an adviser to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak,  gave a lecture in Seoul where he contended that Kim … Continue reading

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Guidance Train Kept a-Rollin’ & When RG Met SK

1.) MOFA Director-General for North American Affairs, Ri Gun, met with Six-Party Talks Envoy, Sung Kim, for an hour in New York on Saturday (24 October).  The substance of the … Continue reading

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Hacking at an Early Age

[This posting was mis-linked to another story; the Dong A-Ilbo link is in place with my apologies.] Donga A-Ilbo has a useful story about the formal education of DPRK computer … Continue reading

10/24/2009 · 1 Comment

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