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New North Hamgyong People’s Committee Boss

New Vice Premier and Finance Minister Pak Su-gil

New Vice Premier and Finance Minister Pak Su-gil (photo: KCNA)

The North Korean media indirectly reported Pak Su-gil’s replacement as Chair of the North Hamgyong Provincial People’s Committee.  Mr. Pak was promoted to Minister of Finance and a Vice Premier of the DPRK Cabinet, following the mid-September resignation of Kim Wan-su.  Mr. Pak’s replacement is Han Hung-p’yo, recently Chairman of the Chongjin Municipal People’s Committee and the Vice Chair of the North Hamgyong Provincial People’s Committee.  Mr. Han’s new position was announced at a comemorative event for a North Hamgyong revolutionary museum.  Little is known about the incoming Provincial People’s Committee chair.  He is not listed as a member of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly, but he was a member at the 11th SPA in 2003.

2 comments on “New North Hamgyong People’s Committee Boss

  1. adamcathcart

    That is quite the terrifying photo. I wonder if his complexion is due to fear, too much soju, or outdated KCNA cameras. If only the provincial secretaries were lavished with the same amount of publicity as the Dear Leader — some Chinese provincial leaders are now keeping their own blogs, but I doubt these fellows will do the same.

    • nkleadershipwatch

      Actually, Mr. Pak’s complexion appears to be fine. This is a flawed photograph; the image is a screen capture from a television news broadcast. I then pulled the image and the software I used auto-corrected the brightness and contrast.

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