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Guidance Train (Bound for Glory)

(n.b.  Kim Jong-il’s last appearance was at a music performance on 17 October) The field guidance train (“the People’s train, the train of love”)  rolled along.  Kim Jong-il made three … Continue reading

10/23/2009 · 3 Comments

Morningstar General’s Footsteps, Encore

UPDATE AFP (Agence France Prese) has additional information concerning Nam Sung-wook’s lecture about Kim Jong-un’s succession being muted.  The AFP report goes on to say that Jang Song-thaek  “has also … Continue reading

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New North Hamgyong People’s Committee Boss

The North Korean media indirectly reported Pak Su-gil’s replacement as Chair of the North Hamgyong Provincial People’s Committee.  Mr. Pak was promoted to Minister of Finance and a Vice Premier … Continue reading

10/21/2009 · 2 Comments

Kim Yang-gon to Beijing

UPDATE Korea Times reports further on Kim Yang-gon’s jaunt to Beijing.  This is adding fodder that an Inter-Korean summit meeting may take place, as Mr. Kim met with at least … Continue reading

10/21/2009 · 2 Comments

DPRK’s Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Vienna

A Japanese web resource reports the return to Vienna of DPRK Ambassador to Austria, Kim Kwang-sop, following a three-month holiday.  Ambassador Kim is currently the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps … Continue reading

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Morningstar General’s Footsteps

The reliable Tony Chang has an interesting (and anonymously sourced)  story in Yonhap concerning the possible succession of Kim Jong-un.  I am not holding my breath until, perhaps around the … Continue reading

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Bosworth-Kang Chinese Showdown

The Korea Herald reports today that Beijing has been proposed as the setting for a bi-lateral US-DPRK meeting which the US hopes facilitates the DPRK returning to the Six-Party Talks.  … Continue reading

10/19/2009 · 5 Comments

Where was Jang Song-thaek?

(N.B.: some material in this posting is drawn from my forthcoming short biography on Jang Song-thaek The Juche Jump (Hey, Mr. Jang!) which will appear in print at the end … Continue reading

10/17/2009 · 1 Comment

KN-02 Tests Not for an Outside Audience (Necessarily)

The DPRK knew that conducting tests on the KN-02 surface-to-surface missiles would attract external attention.  Despite brushing off the tests as routine military exercises, South Korea is entirely justified in … Continue reading

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