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Silence Broken

The North Korean has broken its silence on two (2) recent events.  In a rather timely edition from the KCNA’s Japan-based website–which is to say there’s actually a real-time KCNA … Continue reading

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The Bozz’ 72 Hour Pyongyang Odyssey

UPDATE US Envoy Stephen Bosworth is reported to be spending three (3) days in Pyongyang, as opposed to the thirty-six (36) hours initially reported. ORIGINAL A trio of US-based Korean … Continue reading

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Kim Ok out of Kim Jong-il Secretariat, Out of his Home

JoongAng Daily has a highly fascinating report about Kim Ok.  Ms. Kim was featured in my posting about the ladies around General-Secretary Kim.  According to JAD‘s sources in ROK intelligence, … Continue reading

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Chinese Defense Minister in Pyongyang and More Guidance Outings

Kim Jong-il has continued his spate of weekend inspection and concert going activities, according to KCNA.  This weekend he conducted an inspection of the  Ministry of Public Security headquarters.  In … Continue reading

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Pyongyang Rose

One of the DPRK’s most famous faces was recently the subject of a Reuters story, a review of a Chosun Monthly piece on Ri Chun-hui.  Ms. Ri is the sixty-six … Continue reading

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Guidance at the KPA Cattle Farm

Kim Jong-il has emerged from his recent hiatus and conducted a guidance tour of the KPA-run cattle farm Unit 580.  I shall hold off doing a full posting until we … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-un Propaganda Moves in Mysterious Ways

DailyNK published two (2) English Language reports (see here and here) regarding the the Is he?/Isn’t he? status of rumored hereditary successor Kim Jong-un.  DNK has actually been rather skeptical … Continue reading

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Sino-DPRK Contacts, Kumgangsan Protest and the Green Revolution

We have had no word from the North Korean press about President Obama’s visit to the East Asia neighborhood, nor as the DPRK said anything of the sinking of a … Continue reading

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More from the East

The trickle of news reports on US President Barack Obama’s two-day visit to Seoul continues.  JoongAng Ilbo has a nice summary of the Obama-Lee meeting with includes a KCNA-esque run … Continue reading

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