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Gen. Kim Jong-gak’s Rising Star

2009 saw some major shifts in KPA and security apparatus personnel appointments.  The 73-year old VMAR Kim Yong-chun replaced the 76-year old VMAR Kim Il-chol as Minister of the PAF.  … Continue reading

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Where is VMAR Kim Yong-chun?

Yonhap reports that VMAR Kim Yong-chun, Minister of the People’s Armed Forces and Vice Chair of the National Defense Commission did not appear on the rostrum for a meeting at … Continue reading

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Did Kim Jong-un send a redenominated inducement? And Snyder on Succession

Jiji cites an NGO report that said the KWP Central Committee issued an announcement that 500 won (0f the new currency) would be ladled out to North Korean citizens: On … Continue reading

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Another sign of KJI China Trip?

Bloomberg citing Yomiuri cites anonymous sources about a possible Kim Jong-il visit to China either in January or Feburary next year.  The only problem with this report is that it … Continue reading

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Is 2010 the year for Kim Jong-un build up?

Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency released a report on Friday that the KWP will soon begin ramping up the propaganda drive in support of the hereditary succession of Kim Jong-il’s … Continue reading

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Ju Sang-song Back in Pyongyang

DPRK Minister of Public Security Ju Sang-song returned to Pyongyang on Saturday.  Welcoming Gen. Ju back to the DPRK were MPS Political Director Ri Pyong-sam,  Senior Public Security Vice Minister … Continue reading

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Guidance: North by Northeast

En coda Kim Jong-il visited the Songjin Iron and Steel Complex in the city of Kim Chaek, possibly on Friday (the North Korean press is not putting dates on these … Continue reading

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156 Kim Jong-il Public Appearances in 2009 (So far. . .)

Yonhap reports that in 2009 Kim Jong-il has made 156 public appearances–which is to say guidance and inspection tours, meetings with foreign dignitaries and attending concerts.  This information is based … Continue reading

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Ju Sang-song Meets with China Public Security Minister

The DPRK’s Minister of Public Security, Gen. Ju Sang-song (also a member of the National Defense Commission) met with his Chinese counterpart on Thursday.  It is likely that the recent … Continue reading

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