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US Special Representative Stephen Bosworth shakes hands with Chon Tae-yang (Photo: KCNA).

Choson Sinbo reports more at length about the arrival of US Special Representative Stephen Bosworth arriving in Pyongyang.  Ambassador Bosworth and his entourage were met at the airport by MOFA bureau chief Chong Tae-yang when they arrived at 15:30, “it was drizzling at the airport.”  Choson Sinbo also reports (in case any interested folks have been hibernating or comatose since April): “The DPRK-US bilateral talks, which are to be held on the occasion of Special Representative Bosworth’s visit to the DPRK, are gaining attention at home and abroad as talks from which the future progress of the development of the situation can be estimated.”  Ambassador Bosworth and his travel party no have an appointment with DPRK Senior Vice Minister (and KJI cousin) Kang Sok-ju. (And all you Simpsons fans may appreciate this hilarity about Mr. Kang on

JoongAng Daily carries a brief dispatch about Ambassador Bosworth’s arrival with some commentary from US State Department spokesman Ian Kelly.  How is the US visit to the DPRK being reported stateside? Of interest may be John Glionna’s piece in LA Times.  Hey Choe, where you goin’ with that pen in your hand?  One may also be interested in his piece in the IHT/NYT.

So, now, Ambassador Bosworth, his entourage and these negotiations are officially within the North Korean press’ cone of silence.

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