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The Bozz in Pyongyang

(an earlier version of this posting incorrectly identified one of the officials in Ambassador Bosworth’s travel party; the correct person is DOD’s Michael Schiffer)

The martial anthems were blaring over North Korean radio when the music cut out with the typical one-sentence announcement: “Stephen Bosworth, US Special Representative for North Korea policy, and his party arrived here by air on Tuesday.”  Ambassador Bosworth and his travel party have apparently arrived in the DPRK for two and a half days of negotiations.  Those accompanying him include Sung Kim, US representative to the Six Party Talks, Daniel Russel, a director of Asian Affairs for the US National Security Council and DOD official Michael Schiffer.

Yonhap provides a run down of previous DPRK visits by notable Americans.  Missing from this list is a July 1980 visit to the DPRK by former Congressman Stephen Solarz.  Congressman Solarz stayed at the Changsuwon Palace and met with former DPRK President Kim Il-sung.

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