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Public Security Minister to Beijing

Gen. Ju Sang-song

KCNA reports (and does not elaborate) that Minister of Public Security, Gen. Ju Sang-song, departed Pyongyang for Beijing, leading a delegation of security officials on an unspecified visit.   This is the first visit by a Public Security Minister since 1998, as Yonhap’s Tony Chang notes.  In mid-November State Security Department Senior Deputy Director U Tong-chuk visited China, making Gen. Ju the second executive of the DPRK internal security apparatus, and concurrent members of the National Defense Commission,  to wing on over to Beijing.  Also in mid-November MPS Vice Minister Ho Yong-ho flew to a road safety conference.   Gen. Ju had two recent and rare appearances escorting Kim Jong-il on guidance tours, including last week at the MPS-managed Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm.  It is highly likely that in addition to showing off the farm’s apples Gen. Ju received instructions from General-Secretary Kim prior to his departure.   It should also be noted Gen. Ju is the third member of the National Defense Commission to visit China in a month’s time.

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