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ROK Probing DPRK Hacking

Northeast Asia Matters carries two whole stories in the South Korean press, one from Sam Kim at Yonhap, and another from Choson Ilbo about possible DPRK hacking operations on OPLAN … Continue reading

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KJI Does Rason

KCNA reports that Kim Jong-il conducted a guidance tour of Rason.  This is General-Secretary Kim’s first known guidance tour of the Rason area.  Rason is a portmanteau of North Hamgyong’s … Continue reading

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Public Security Minister to Beijing

KCNA reports (and does not elaborate) that Minister of Public Security, Gen. Ju Sang-song, departed Pyongyang for Beijing, leading a delegation of security officials on an unspecified visit.   This is … Continue reading

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The Money Never Runs Out Guidance Tour

(n.b. Kim Jong-il’s last public appearance was a visit to the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm in Pyongyang) Even if US Special Representative (and Dean of the Tufts Fletcher School) Stephen … Continue reading

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Missile Plane Sold to Georgia in October 2009

ITAR-TASS reports that the plane seized by Thai authorities on Saturday(11 December) morning was sold to Georgia in October 2009. “We have checked through our channels – the plane belongs … Continue reading

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Is H1N1 Outbreak in DPRK Contained?

Yonhap reports that the World Health Organization is saying the nine (9) identified cases of A/H1N1 Influenza have recovered and that there are no further reports of any other outbreaks … Continue reading

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More on the Missile Plane

Reports about the Georgia-based Il-76, its cargo and its Kazakh and Belorussian shepherds have hit other western press outlets, including the Guardian and the Beeb.  I’d include links to the … Continue reading

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DPRK Weapons Plane Intercepted in Bangkok

An Ilyushin-76 transport plane carrying rocket-propelled grenades, missiles, spare parts, four (4) Kazakh and one (1) Belarus passport holders, which had departed Pyongyang, was stopped at Don Mueang International Airport … Continue reading

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What is Kim Jong-il’s obsession with swimming?

Kim Jong-il ended this work week an inspection tour of the swimming complex at Kim Il-sung University.  This marked the third time General-Secretary Kim has visited the KISU pool facilities … Continue reading

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