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Kim Kyong Hui Biography

Kim Kyong Hui seated on the rostrum next to KWP Secretary of Cadres Kim Kuk Tae at the national meeting on the 15th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's death (Photo: KCTV)

A bit later than announced, but this is one version of biographical and career data I prepared on Kim Jong Il’s younger sister, Kim Kyong Hui.  Ms. Kim is a charter member of KJI’s inner circle, and is married to the DPRK’s unofficial #2, Jang Song Taek.  Her Lazarus-like appearance in KJI’s entourage in June 2009 stunned Pyongyang watchers (well, at least two of us) who had written her off as ailing or retired.  It is likely that Ms. Kim is involved in managing portions of the Kim Jong Un succession campaign, something Mr. Jang and she did for KJI.    If KJI is incapacitated or passes away, Kim Kyong Hui will be the first person to know.

This is a PDF document.  It is dispersed around the site and can also be found on the Biographies, Kim Family and KJI pages.

Kim Kyong Hui Biography and Notes

Kim Jong Il and Kim Kyong Hui in 1951

Kim Il Sung with Kim Jong Il and Kim Kyong Hui in 1966

Kim Kyong Hui (2nd from right) attends an opera with Kim Jong Il and the Russian Ambassador in February 2010 (Photo: KCNA)

2 comments on “Kim Kyong Hui Biography

  1. RPL

    Do you think that the announcement is made at the Party Congress that’s coming up, and if not then, when’s your best guess?

    • nkleadershipwatch

      They might do some tinkering with the bureaucracy at the 12th SPA, but it does not seem to be any kind of coronation. While there may be some cultural indications on succession, it’s generally sporadic. The best time to possible succession movements will be around the country’s major holidays.

      This month will be KIS Birthday and the Day of the Sun (concurrent) on 15 April, and the KPA’s anniversary day on 25 April.

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