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Meeting of Party Representatives (Party Conference) to Be Held in September

North Korea has announced it will hold a meeting of Party Representatives (Party Conference) convened by the KWP Political Bureau (Politburo) in September. The WPK founded by President Kim Il … Continue reading

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25 June

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The Restoration of Office #38

Office #38, one of the bureaus that manages Kim Jong Il’s finances (as well as an owner-operator of Korean restaurants and hotels in the country and abroad), was “restored” in … Continue reading

06/22/2010 · 3 Comments

Kim Jong Un on Guidance Tour with KJI in Sinuiju?

On 19 June 2010 Korean Central Broadcasting Station reported that Kim Jong Il conducted a guidance tour of the Rakwon Machine Complex and visited a newly constructed football stadium.  According … Continue reading

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June Magazines

Korea has two pieces on Kim Jong Il’s activities.  One is an unsigned account of KJI’s visit to the Kim Il Sung University E-library, and Choe Kwang Ho wrote an … Continue reading

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Jang Song Taek Biographical Sketch

“Her husband was a tall, slender, handsome man…as soon as they arrived, Kim Jong-il introduced us. ‘This is my younger sister, Kim Kyong-hui.  This is Madame Choi.  Say hello.’  Kyong-hui … Continue reading

06/18/2010 · 1 Comment

KPA Journal Vol. 1 Issue #5

In issue #5, Joe Bermudez continues his trenchant history of North Korea’s intelligence services (focusing from 1967 to 1971).  There is also follow up imagery and information, courtesy of the … Continue reading

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KJI’s Youthful Princes and Princess

Several photographs of Kim Jong Il’s three youngest children during the times they studied at the International School of Berne have surfaced.  In releasing the photographs, Yonhap reports: The photos … Continue reading


NK Media Coverage of SPA

KCNA , in an uncharacteristic move, published short biographic sketches on Mr. Jang, Mr Choe and the Vice Premiers appointed at yesterday’s SPA session.  Below you can find the image … Continue reading

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