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Choe Thae Bok talks Cheonan, meets Iran delegation at IPU Conference in Geneva

SPA Chairman Choe Thae Bok used his remarks at the Third World Conference of Speakers of Parliament at the UN Geneva to fault the ROK for inciting tensions on the … Continue reading

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DPRK Foreign Minister Departs for ASEAN Regional Forum

DPRK Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun arrived in Beijing, making his way to Hanoi to attend ASEAN’s regional forum on Friday (23 July).  KCNA announced Pak’s departure and his itinerary: … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Two

US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and US Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert Gates, have concluded a joint appearance in the ROK, which included the 2 + 2 meeting … Continue reading

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September Party Conference Posters Appear

The KWP Publishing House has printed and released two (2) posters intended to promote the 3rd Party Conference (3rd Meeting of Party Representatives).  The Party Conference will be held in … Continue reading

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Pyongyang Shrunk by 1/3

Pyongyang is undergoing a procession of depopulation, and its administrative boundaries may have shrunk by 1/3.  Three countries (Kangnam, Chunghwa and Sangwon) and one city district (Sungho-kuyok) were identified as … Continue reading

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Scuttle Buttin’ Jong Un’s Shrine in Kangdong County

The latest Kim Jong Un [Jong-un; Chong-un; Jong Eun] rumor is that the Central Party has ordered the construction of a KJU-related historic site, or “shrine” in Kangdong County.  According … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Il Statue

One of the only known images of a bronze statue of Kim Jong Il has surfaced.  Open Radio for North Korea published the photograph of the KJI statue, which appeared … Continue reading

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To All the Cadres Who’ve Been Purged Before

(With many thanks to Joe for sending this) Chosun Ilbo, citing Radio Free Asia, reports that the Publication (Press) Censorship Bureau has ordered that images and writings of recently executed … Continue reading

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They’re showing posters of the sinking

A Chinese businessman, recently returned from a trip to the DPRK, snapped a photograph of a poster in Pyongyang with the slogan “Ready to crush any attack with a single … Continue reading

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