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KJI Goes to China

Kim Jong Il has visited the PRC for the second time this year.  Among the issues discussed were the 6 Party Talks, increased economic and cultural exchange and border issues … Continue reading

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The Man with the Baltic Stare

The two Koreas are tacitly coordinating to maintain stability in the north country while preparing for a superficial merger.  An illumined, thriving Pyongyang is a hotbed of thugs and Chinese … Continue reading


KPA Journal Vol. 1 #8

Joe Bermudez has published issue #8 of KPA Journal.  This issue focuses on the KPA’s engineer river crossing forces and an examination of the “wet well” feature on infiltration Mother … Continue reading

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Gomes Returning to US

Former US President Jimmy Carter secured the release of Aijalon Gomes during a two-day trip to Pyongyang.   KCNA announced one version of the interaction that facilitated Mr. Gomes’ return home: … Continue reading

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“Completing the Revolutionary Cause of Juche”

And so it begins? KCNA reports that at a meeting at the 25 April House of Culture in Pyongyang, Gen. Kim Jong Gak nominated Kim Jong Il as a delegate … Continue reading

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Pak Pong Ju’s Return

Technocrat Pak Pong Ju, who served as DPRK Premier from 2003 to 2007, has taken the position of deputy (vice) director of the CC KWP Light Industry Department.  His presence … Continue reading


KPA Journal Vol. 1 # 7

Joe Bermudez has published issue #7 of KPA Journal. This issue focuses on the Korean People’s Army Mechanized Infantry Battalion and the BTR-60 armored personnel carrier. KPA Journal Vol. 1 … Continue reading

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Coach Kim Back on the Field

Like car accidents with Kim Jong Il’s aides, sometimes a criticism session is just a criticism session.  Open Radio for North Korea reports that Coach Kim Jong Hun is running … Continue reading

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Jong Un’s Stripes

Kim Jong Un was once described as being one of the darlings of the Korean People’s Army general-grade officers.  Perhaps on the road to succession, the generals’ affections for the … Continue reading

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