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Pak Ui Chun Visits Mongolia

DPRK Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun (Pak U’i-ch’un) met the Mongolian Prime Minister and Mongolia’s Foreign Minister on 18 July (Monday) during a brief visit.  Xinhua reports: Mongolian Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Watching the River Overflow

Torrential rain continues to inundate the DPRK.  The country has taken some measures to prevent damage, but now there is concern that the Taedong River will overflow.  KBS World reports: … Continue reading

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KJI Conducts 2nd KPA Field Inspection of 2011

Kim Jong Il (Kim Cho’ng-il) conducted his second field inspection of a KPA unit in 2011, having visited the command element of KPA Unit #963.  KJI’s last reported field inspection … Continue reading

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Pak Ui Chun to Attend ASEAN Regional Forum

DPRK Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pak Ui Chun (Pak U’i-ch’un) will attend ASEAN’s Regional Form in Bali, Indonesia, which will be held from 21 to 23 July.  Pak attended last … Continue reading

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Ku’mgang Inter-Korea Meeting Ends

The two Koreas held a testy meeting on Wednesday (13 July) at the Ku’mgang resort in the DPRK.  Like previous interactions, they failed to reach an agreement.  KBS World reports: … Continue reading

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ROK-DPRK 2018 Winter Olympic Trial Balloon

Jang Ung (Chang Ung), the DPRK’s representative on the International Olympic Committee, expressed interest in the country hosting some events as part of 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Kangwo’n Province.  … Continue reading

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KJI Meets with PRC Delegation

Fresh from his trip to the Central Zoo, Kim Jong Il met with the PRC delegation, head by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang.  KCNA reported: Present there were Vice-Chairmen of … Continue reading

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DPRK Claims Typhoon Damage

DPRK media has reported that the Typhoon Meari caused significant damage to food production and industrial sites, and destroyed 160 homes last month.  Yonhap reports: A powerful typhoon has caused … Continue reading

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France to Open “Cooperation Bureau” in Pyongyang

France plans to open an office in Pyongyang in September.  According to Le Monde, French diplomat Olivier Vaysset will visit the DPRK this week and return in September to open … Continue reading

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