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Missing NL Stamp Shop Owner Turns up in DPRK Press

Willem van der Bijl, a Utrecht stamp shop owner who was presumed missing after traveling to the DPRK, wrote an editorial (or provided a testimonial) for Pyongyang Times about his visit to a polling place during elections for local power organs (i.e., Local People’s Assemblies).  The piece included a photograph (above) of Mr. van der Bijl wearing a red lapel pin.  Mr.  van der Bijl wrote/said:

This is my 24th visit to the DPRK, but it is the first time I have ever visited a polling station here.

Looking round the poll, I have been greatly impressed by the free and democratic elections and I have had a better understanding of the DPRK’s reality.

In the DPRK every citizen is eligible to vote and to be elected. Those who have worked a lot for the people are elected as deputies.

The popular election system of the DPRK is really excellent.

What I’d like to say more is that whenever I visit the country I can see more and more modern structures rising here and there. And I realize the developing reality of the country.

I will come to the DPRK in 2012 to join the Korean people commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung.

The piece can be viewed here on the Naenara website <;


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