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DPRK Premier Meets with Wen Jiabao, Begins PRC Visit

DPRK Premier Choe Yong Rim arrived in Beijing on Monday (26 September) to begin a five-day “goodwill” visit to China.  During his trip, Choe will visit Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu … Continue reading

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DPRK-ROK Beijing Interaction Ends Without Progress

Denuclearization talks held between the two Koreas on 21 September (Wednesday) in Beijing ended without any further progress toward resumption of the 6 Party Talks.  Despite any substantial movement toward … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Il Meets with Laos President

Kim Jong Il met with Lao President Choummaly Sayasone.  In addition to the Lao officials accompanying Mr. Sayasone, joining the meeting and dinner reception from the DPRK were Chief of the … Continue reading

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PRC-DPRK Open Hyesan Mine

The DPRK and China formally began operations of a copper mine in Hyesan, Ryannggang Province, on Monday (19 September).  The opening ceremony at the mine occurred nearly four (4) years … Continue reading

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DPRK 2010 Luxury Imports Were Highest in 3 Years

The DPRK’s import of luxury goods hit a 3-year high in 2010 with an estimated $446 million (USD) in purchases of televisions, media equipment and luxury vehicles.  According to ROK … Continue reading

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Write Offs & SAR Exercises

Kim Jong Il’s “fun trip” to Siberia and Russia’s Far East and his meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has started to yield fruit.  An anonymous official in Russia’s Ministry … Continue reading

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Inside the Mansudae Apartments

One accomplishment used in support of Kim Jong Un’s (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) hereditary succession is the construction of an apartment complex in Mansudae Street.  KJU’s contribution to the project has been … Continue reading

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WPRG Parade Commemorates 63rd Anniversary of Foundation

On the morning of 9 September (Friday), Kim Jong Il, members of the central leadership and Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n), attended a Worker-Peasant Red Guards’ [WPRG] parade in central … Continue reading

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Kim Kyok Sik Inspected Coastal Artillery Units on Yongmae

KPA Gen. Kim Kyok Sik (Kim Kyo’k-sik) reportedly inspected coastal artillery units on Yongmae Island in early August.  During the afternoon and evening on 10 August 2011 DPRK and ROK … Continue reading

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