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A Tour of the Central Party Offices

The southern part of the KWP #1 Office Complex in the Central District of Pyongyang (Photo: Google image)

This will be the first installment of a three (or four) part series of postings on the geography in and around Pyongyang’s so-called Forbidden City.  The first iteration will focus on the office buildings that house the departments and selected sections (or offices) of the Party Central Committee Secretariat which both formulate and enforce policy in the DPRK government, security community and economy.    It is available through Google Docs as a KMZ file for Google Earth and KML file for Google Maps.

Central Party Offices (KMZ) 

Central Party Offices (KML)

The next installment will focus on the residences, entertainment facilities and other facilities in Pyongyang’s Central District which are used by Kim Jong Il and other members of the central leadership.

Another view of the KWP #1 Office Complex in Pyongyang (Photo: Google image)

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