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Kim Jong Il Funeral Committee (as of 19 December 2011)

5 comments on “Kim Jong Il Funeral Committee (as of 19 December 2011)

  1. Louis E.

    #5 and #182 are separate men both named Ri Yong Ho?
    Ri Yong Mu,uncle by marriage of the deceased,has a high position but Kim Yong Ju,uncle by blood,is in complete eclipse?
    I see the military retirees at 29-31 but wonder when Kim Jong Un will be made a Marshal.

  2. Just curious

    I can see on the list Kim Jong Nam, so he wasn’t on the funeral of KJI?
    And very interesting is position on the list of Ri Yong Ho, he ist 4th on the list, but Jang Song Thaek is 19, and Kim Kye Gwan is 163.

    So isn’t that KJU ist traying to show that he have strong position and on his side the army when placing Ri Jong Ho just on 4th place? But 19 position of Jang Song Thaek is also very puzzling, why is he in the background if he have the security department in the hand? Whether the regime is trying to show to the world that succession took place smoothly, and there is no internal struggle for power?

  3. Louis E.

    Kim YONG Nam (parliament speaker) is on the list,but not Kim JONG Nam,who lives in exile in Macao.

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