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Generation After Generation After. . .

Yang Hyong Sop, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA], gave an interview to the Associated Press[AP] on 16 January (Monday) in which he dispelled questions about the youth … Continue reading

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Associated Press Opens Pyongyang Bureau

The Associated Press [AP] opened its Pyongyang bureau on 16 January (Monday), six months after reaching a preliminary agreement.  AP President Thomas Curley and Korean Central News Agency [KCNA] Director-General, … Continue reading

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KJI To Permanently Lie in State at Ku’msusan

The Political Bureau issued a “special report” on 12 January (Thursday) announcing that the late Kim Jong Il’s body will be preserved to lie in state at Ku’msusan Memorial Palace. … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Un Attends Performance and Visits PY Construction Projects

DPRK media reported on 15 January that Kim Jong Un attended a concert with members of the central leadership.  Yonhap reports: Kim, who was promoted to Supreme Commander of the … Continue reading

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Kwangbok Supermarket Opens

The Kwangpok Area Supermarket in west Pyongyang opened on Thursday, 5 January.  One of the largest shopping centers in the DPRK, the Kwangpok market is a joint venture between the … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Un Visits 105 Tank Divison

DPRK media reported on 1 January that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) conducted an inspection of the Korean People’s Army’s [KPA] 105th Tank Division (also known as the 105th Armored … Continue reading

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