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People’s Security Holds Loyalty Rally

Minister of People's Security Gen. Ri Myong Su gives the keynote speech at a rally of MPS and KPISF personnel. Seen behind him, L, is Col. Gen. Ri P'yo'ng-sam, head of the MPS/KPISF Political Bureau (Photo: KCNA)

The Ministry of People’s Security [MPS] and the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces held a loyalty rally Tuesday (3 April) on the campus of the MPS’ national headquarters in northern Pyongyang.  The DPRK central leadership will need all the police and public safety personnel in the coming weeks with the 4th Party Conference on 11 April, the 5th session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] on 13 April and a military parade scheduled for 15 April.  KCNA reports:

Present there were Ri Myong Su, minister of People’s Security, Ri Pyong Sam, director of the Political Bureau of the KPISF, officials of the ministry, people’s security personnel and service personnel of the KPISF.

Led by the minister, its participants made a solemn pledge to hold Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem for all ages as the sun of juche, sun of songun, successfully carry out the behests of peerlessly great men and remain faithful to the songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Un.

They said that they will consolidate Pyongyang and the whole country as a fortress for defending the leader, holding aloft the slogan “Let us defend the Party C.C. headed by the dear respected Kim Jong Un with our lives!” They determined to push ahead with the construction of major projects and undertake more good work for the people, aware of the mission and duty as protectors of their lives and properties and thus contribute to bringing the Party’s plan for building a thriving nation into full bloom.

Ministry of People's Security/KPISF Headquarters (Photo: Google image)

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