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CPRK Statement Labels Satellite Interception Attempt “Act of War”

Office buildings of the KWP United Front Department. The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea is subordinate to UFD (Photo: Google image)

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK; formerly known as Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland) released a statement on 5 April (Thursday) saying that an attempt to intercept the U’nha-3/Kwangmyo’ngso’ng will be construed as “an act of war.”  KCNA reports:

A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued the following statement on Thursday: The South Korean puppet forces recently bluffed that they would “intercept” the DPRK satellite Kwangmyongsong-3, disclosing their attempt to make a fresh military provocation.

The group of traitors aligned with the U.S. is saying that it would track the orbit of the DPRK’s satellite projectile with the mobilization of war hardware including various monitoring machines, missiles and Aegis destroyer, and intercept the satellite in case its debris fall out.

The U.S. is now busy making the emergency transfer of an ultra-modern maritime radar base “SBX-1” from Hawaii for the purpose of tracking and monitoring satellite and backing its interception. Meanwhile, Japan is making reckless remarks that it would intercept the DPRK satellite if its propeller body drops on Japan’s archipelago.

The puppet military warmongers worked out the “plan for mounting strike on corresponding targets” while talking about “assault” and “possibility of provocation” from someone. They did not hesitate to let loose a spate of such balderdash as “striking Pyongyang”.

The military warmongers including Kim Kwan Jin, puppet minister of Defence, openly blustered that they would attack Pyongyang if Seoul is attacked, claiming that now it has become possible to independently “punish” in line with the “right to self-defence”. They used to say in the past they could not but restrain themselves in the face of attack by the north due to the belligerence regulations of the Armistice Agreement and the relations with the “UN Command”.

The reckless racket for provocation kicked up by the puppet group of traitors is a dangerous act of causing an all-out war as it is a last-ditch effort of persecution maniacs.

The DPRK’s peaceful satellite Kwangmyongsong-3 is for the development of science and technology, whose legitimacy and transparency will be fully ensured in the whole course of its launch. The world already knows about this.

Several decades have passed since mankind launched the first satellite and thousands of satellites were put into outer space ever since. But there was no one who stoked confrontation recklessly trying to intercept the satellite for peaceful purposes.

A saying goes “only stick is seen by crazy dog”. Those obsessed by the idea of escalating confrontation with the DPRK and hostility towards it seem to regard the DPRK satellite as a nuclear war-head.

To intercept the satellite for peaceful purposes is just an act of war and it is bound to entail tremendous catastrophe.

What matters is whether the provocateurs are concerned about the consequences.

Their call for “strike at Pyongyang” is just hysteria of the puppet war-like forces.

Nobody should dare encroach upon the sky above

Pyongyang, sacred capital of the DPRK, and they are gravely mistaken if they think they can survive after attacking Pyongyang.

It would mean the miserable end of the puppet group and end of everything in South Korea.

Nevertheless, the puppet group is kicking off the racket of military provocation under the pretext of “interception” and “strike”, asserting that it would not rule out a war and going in league with its master. This is nothing but a ridiculous bid to hamstring the DPRK satellite launch at any cost and comfort its clan in fear of the powerful retaliatory strike by the DPRK.

Lurking behind this is the ulterior intention of the puppet group to justify the confrontation and war moves through the aggravation of the situation, intensify the anti-DPRK smear campaign, calm down the discontented south Koreans, divert elsewhere the public opinion and thus tide over the ruling crisis and create a favorable atmosphere for the “general election”.

The reality more vividly shows that South Koreans can neither lead a happy life even a single day nor escape from the danger of a war as long as such confrontation maniacs as Lee Myung- bak group are allowed to exist in south Korea.

The group of traitors should be well aware of what the “interception” and “strike at Pyongyang” would mean.

The army and people of the DPRK will never pardon the enemies’ attempt of reckless military provocations.

Whoever intrudes into the territorial air and seas even an inch under any pretext and intercepts the DPRK satellite or collects its debris will meet immediate, resolute and merciless punishment by the DPRK.

The DPRK will mete out the unimaginable and the most miserable punishment to its rival if it dares fire into the sky above the DPRK, Pyongyang, in particular.

The cause of war must be rooted out without mercy.

The group of traitors had better bear in mind the grave consequences to be entailed by its reckless provocations.

Meanwhile, on 6 April (Friday), KCNA added another essay to its growing collection of news items and writings on what it terms “peaceful development and use of space.”

Several countries have become more brisk in their moves to develop and use the outer space since the outset of 2012.

On Feb. 6, China opened to public a video footage of the moon that has 7m-resolving capability, taken by the lunar satellite “Change 2”.

The State Administration of Science and Technology for National Defence of China said no country has ever made public a video footage of the moon that has 7m-resolving capability and contains its whole surface.

With a plan to launch 21 rockets with 30 satellites atop this year, China has already succeeded in launching four of them.

China set higher goals such as launching and operating its own space station and blasting off a satellite to prospect Mars till 2020 and has made positive efforts to put them into practice.

Russia announced an 18-year plan for developing space at the beginning of this year and has stepped up the work for development and use of the space.

It envisages a manned flight to the moon and landing on it as well as a long-term research.

It also contemplates operating a research center on Mars and manufacturing a transport spaceship that can be used several times to increase the efficiency of the international space station.

Russia has pressed ahead with the work to increase its satellites on the orbit and decrease the danger of meteorites and comet likely to affect the earth.

Iran succeeded in putting satellite Navid into its planned orbit in February this year in the wake of the successful launch of its first satellite in June of 2011. It is said that the weight of Navid is over treble that of the first one.

Vietnam, Venezuela, India, Nigeria, Argentina, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland and many other countries have shaped aggressive space policies and development plans to suit their actual conditions and foundations and set about conquering space. Cooperation and assistance are being boosted among them.

Some countries in the world are taking bold approaches towards establishing and reinforcing their own global position systems, independent on the U.S. GPS.

China that planned to complete the global position system “Beidou” till 2020 is set to operate the system late this year.

Russia is also mulling reinforcing its own global position system “Glonas”.

It successfully blasted off space vehicles needed to establish the system late last year, making it possible to send position signals nonstop throughout the globe.

Russia aims at making “Glonas” superior to GPS. It is assertion of Russia that “Glonas” should not be inferior to GPS in all indexes but should be better than the latter.

The European Union invested a huge amount of fund in research and development of satellite flight in an effort to build infrastructure for the Galileo global position system and improve the service for flight.

It is said that the system is likely to go fully operational by 2018 and compete with the GPS and “Glonas”.

The facts go to prove that the global space science and technology have made rapid progress and it has become a trend in the 21st century to develop the outer space, common wealth of mankind, for peaceful purposes.

The international community’s approach towards peaceful development and use of the space will get more brisk and multi-polar.

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