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KJU Visits KPA Navy Unit #155

Kim Jong Un hands an automatic rifle to a member of KPA Navy Unit #155 during presentation ceremony which was part of his inspection of the unit (Photo: KCNA-Yonhap)

DPRK state media reported on 5 April (Thursday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) conducted an inspection of KPA Navy Unit #155, which was responsible for the capture of USS Pueblo in 1968.  KPA Navy Unit #155 also has the title of O Chung-hup-led 7th regiment.  KJU’s last reported public appearance was his inspection of Ryo Island in the East Sea.  During his inspection of the navy unit, KJU was accompanied by Gen. Kim Won Hong, Gen. Hyon Chol Hae, Lt. Gen. Ri Tu Song and Lt. Gen. Ri Jong Mu.  KCNA reports:

He first went round the monument to the field guidance of President Kim Il Sung and warships visited by the three commanders of Mt. Paektu.

This unit is marked with many footprints left by the President and leader Kim Jong Il to provide field guidance, he said, recollecting with deep emotion the unforgettable historical day he visited the unit, accompanying the leader.

The DPRK has such matchless fleet thanks to the wise leadership and meticulous care of the President and Kim Jong Il who worked heart ad soul for the founding and development of the naval forces, he said, adding that their undying feats will always go down in the history of the country.

He once again highly praised the unit for such laudable military feats that startled the world as sinking U.S. imperialists’ heavy cruiser “Baltimore” with just four torpedo craft in the naval battle in Jumunjin during the Fatherland Liberation War, the battle results unprecedented in the world history of naval war, and capturing the U.S. imperialists’ armed spy ship “Pueblo” when intruding into the territorial waters of the DPRK in peacetime.

He stressed the need for the seamen of the unit to firmly take over the baton of the revolutionary forerunners, send the enemies into the bottom of the sea if they dare intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK and thus further glorify the tradition of the unit which has demonstrated only victories, a stalwart unit, generation after generation.

He then boarded patrol ship 1003 anchoring at the moorage and went round it.

Looking round with great attention different places of the ship used by the three commanders of Mt. Paektu, he praised the seamen of the unit for preserving and managing it to its original state with good care.

He said that the significant ship visited by the President four times, Kim Jong Il three times and anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk is the flagship of the KPA Navy.

He acquainted himself in detail with the unit’s combat duties, trainings, etc. before inspecting flotillas 1, 4, 5 and 83 under the unit.

He guided training in firearms of torpedo craft 1213 of flotilla 1 and its tactical drill.

He expressed satisfaction over the fact that seamen are undergoing intensive combat training and, at the same time, discharging their combat duty in a responsible manner while watching the enemy’s moves for aggression with vigilance. He set forth the tasks for rounding off combat preparations and bolstering the combat capability.

He made the rounds of sailors’ rooms, rooms dedicated to education and mess halls of flotillas to take deep care of their living.

He gave flotillas 1, 4, 5 and 83 pairs of binoculars and automatic rifles as souvenirs and had photo sessions with them.

Xinhua English reports:

Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong Un inspected a navy unit of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) recently, the official news agency KCNA reported on Friday.

During his inspection, Kim Jong Un, top commander of the KPA, said “if the enemies dare intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK, the army would be ready and prepared to send them into the bottom of the sea.”

He stressed the need to firmly take over the baton of the “revolutionary forerunners,” and learned in detail about the unit’s combat duties.

The Navy Unit 155 once captured the U.S. ship “Pueblo” straying into the country’s territorial waters in 1968, according to KCNA.

The DPRK claimed it was a spy ship, but the United States denied the accusation, saying the ship was on an information collection mission and was sailing in international waters.

The unit also sank U.S. heavy cruiser “Baltimore” during the Korean War in the early 1950s.

On Wednesday, Kim also inspected a unit on Ryo Islet, a defensive forward post on the country’s east coast. He urged post guards to build the island into an “iron-wall” fortress so as to defend the DPRK from foreign invasion.

AFP reports:

North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong-Un has visited the naval unit that captured a US spy ship in 1968, the official news agency said, amid tensions over its planned satellite launch.

Any attempt to intercept the satellite would be “an act of war”, the North said late Thursday after South Korea and Japan prepared to shoot down the rocket should it fall towards their territory.

In the latest of a series of military visits, Kim inspected Navy Unit 155 in the southeastern province of Kangwon and highly praised its past feats, the agency said.

It “startled the world” by sinking the US heavy cruiser Baltimore with just four torpedo craft during the 1950-53 Korean War and also captured the US spy ship Pueblo, it said.

Kim “stressed the need for the seamen of the unit to firmly take over the baton of the revolutionary forerunners (and) send the enemies into the bottom of the sea if they dare intrude into the territorial waters”.

The North captured the spy ship with 83 crew members after it allegedly intruded into its territorial waters, sparking a Cold War crisis.

The crew were detained for 11 months before being released but the ship is still held by the North and moored on the Taedong River in Pyongyang.

Kim, supreme commander of the North’s 1.2-million-strong military, earlier inspected a unit guarding Ryo Island near the southeastern port of Wonsan.

He urged troops there to “protect the island with barricades of iron and bury the enemy in the water if they invade”, the news agency said in a report Wednesday.

Analysts said such trips and the upcoming launch are aimed at bolstering military loyalty to the young and untested leader.

The North says it will launch a peaceful satellite between April 12-16 to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of its late founder Kim Il-Sung.

The United States and other countries see it as a pretext for a long-range missile test banned under US resolutions.

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