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People’s Security Delegation Visits China

A delegation of the Ministry of People’s Security [MPS] visited China from 26 April to 1 May (Tuesday).  The delegation was led by Major General Ri Song Chol (Ri So’ng-ch’o’l), MPS councilor and director of the MPS Foreign Affairs Bureau.  The primary reason for Ri’s visit was not clear and may have been arranged when Korean Workers’ Party [KWP] International Secretary Kim Yong Il visited Beijing late last month for a DPRK-PRC strategic dialogue.

On 27 April (Friday), Maj. Gen. Ri met with Chinese Vice Minister of Public Security Meng Hongwei.  The two were last reported to have met in June 2011.  According to Renmin Gongan Bao, Meng told Ri, “Since February 2011 when State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu visited the DPRK, China and the DPRK have further developed their cooperation in law enforcement and security thanks to the concerted efforts of both sides. It is hoped that the two sides would further implement the consensus on cooperation reached between the responsible officials of the law-enforcement departments of the two countries, continue strengthening high-level exchanges and work cooperation, and lead the friendly cooperation between the two sides to a pragmatic, mutual-beneficial, and win-win development.”  Ri was described as “totally” agreeing with Meng’s remarks.

Ri’s visit to Beijing occurred on the same day two members of the Border Security Command were repatriated back to the DPRK, after escaping to China.  Daily NK reported that after an alleged bureaucratic migration, two BSC service members shot and killed several members of their unit near Hyesan, Yanggang Province.  The two guards escaped into China and were apprehended on 27 April.

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