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Choe Ryong Hae Conducts Inspections in Pyongyang

VMar Choe Ryong Hae (2nd R) looks at the construction of a concourse at Mangyo’ngdae Fun Fair on 22 May (Photo: KCNA)

DPRK state media reported on 22 May (Tuesday) that VMar Choe Ryong Hae, director of the Korean People’s Army  [KPA]General Political Department (bureau), inspected Mangyo’ngdae Fun Fair and the quarters of the KPA construction brigades working on the amusement park’s construction.  In its headline, KCNA English described Choe’s visits as “devotedly implementing the order of the Supreme Commander.”  During Kim Jong Un’s (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) visit to Mangyo’ngdae Fun Fair earlier in May, Choe was given “the task for sprucing up the funfair . . .by dispatching strong construction forces of the KPA.”  KCNA reports:

Soldier-builders who are ready to flatten even mountains and empty a sea, if ordered by the dear respected Kim Jong Un, are now waging an all-out drive to turn the above-said funfair into a more modern recreation ground for people as required by the era of songun as it is associated with the leadership provided by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

Going round the funfair and wading pool under renovation, he acquainted himself in detail with the project and appreciated the labor successes soldier-builders have achieved by bringing about miracles and innovations in the spirit of “at one go.”

He stressed the need for them to satisfactorily ensure materials need for the project, complete the project ahead of schedule, bearing deep in mind Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un’s noble outlook on the people, and took steps for devotedly implementing his order.

After looking round bedrooms of soldiers, he learned about supply service. He called on the commanding officers to take warm care of soldiers’ living as their elder brothers and sisters would do in hearty response to the party’s slogan “Let the Whole Army Become True Comrades- in-Arms!”

VMar Choe Ryong Hae (C, pointing) tours ongoing construction work at Mangyo’ngdae Fun Fair on 22 May 2012 (Photo: KCNA)

VMar Choe Ryong Hae (2nd L) is briefed about the construction of high-rise apartments in central Pyongyang on 21 May 2012 (Photo: KCNA)

Choe was also reported to have visited the high rise apartment buildings between Mansudae and Sungni Streets in central Pyongyang on the previous day:

On May 21 he looked round apartment houses and various catering facilities in the area of Mansudae nearing completion. He called for completing the construction on the principle of fully ensuring the convenience of the people.

One comment on “Choe Ryong Hae Conducts Inspections in Pyongyang

  1. fererk

    Collective leadership is still going on. I think this would be the new face of DPRK for a long time.

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