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Kim Jong Un Visits Pyongyang Central Zoo

Kim Jong Un looks at bear cubs during a tour of Pyongyang Central Zoo. Among those attendance, standing behind him are: Han Kwang Sang (L), Kim Yang Gon (2nd L) and Jon Il Chun (5th L) (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

DPRK state media reported on 27 May (Sunday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) visited the Pyongyang Central Zoo.  He was accompanied by National Defense Commission Vice Chairman and KWP Party Administration Department Director, Jang Song Taek, and KWP Secretary and Director of the United Front Department Kim Yang Gon, as well KWP Deputy (vice) Department Directors Han Kwang Sang, Ri Jae Il, Hwang Pyong So, Pak Chun Hong, Ma Wo’n-ch’un and Cho’n Il-ch’un.  KCNA reports:

Kim Jong Un first went round the monument erected to convey the undying leadership exploits of the three commanders of Mt. Paektu down through generations.

He recollected with deep emotion the glorious course covered by the zoo, noting that it had the honor of receiving on-the-spot guidance of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il dozens of times and has creditably fulfilled its mission as a place for joyful rest making visitors laugh and pleasing them and a center for education imbuing them with wide knowledge about animals over the last more than five decades since it was established.

Going round different places of the zoo, he learned in detail about the management and operation of it.

He dropped in at the aquarium to learn about its operation. He asked workers there if there is any problem arising in breeding fish, what measures are taken to provide food and water to it and what species of sea fish are raised.

He was satisfied to hear officials of the zoo say that thorough measures are taken to provide food and the completion of the Nampho-Pyongyang seawater pipe helped settle the issue of seawater, a difficulty in breeding sea water fishes.

He visited the pool for seals and the reptile house. What is important for sprucing up animal houses is to create friendly natural environment to help visitors see animals clearly and learn about their true habitation and provide them with sufficient living conditions, he said.

He went to the gift animal house to watch with keen attention rare animals including Indian constrictor, lemur and flying fox which Jonas Whalstram, director of Skansen Aquarium in Sweden, presented to leader Kim Jong Il.

He dropped in at a shed of wild animals. He met Kim Sun Ok, head of the wild animal work team who has worked at the zoo for 45 years, and Myong Su Il who has tended bears for nearly 30 years and appreciated their efforts.

He also moved to a veterinary hospital built on the initiative of Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Un underlined the need to take efficient veterinary, anti-epizootic and treatment measures for animals.

He highly praised the officials and other employees of the zoo for having taken good care of animals and devoted their wisdom and efforts to pleasing visitors by successfully organizing their tour.

He put forth the tasks to be carried out to manage and operate the zoo.

It is necessary to spruce up the zoo and steadily improve its operation.

The zoo should increase the species of animals and bring more giraffes, zebras and other animals from foreign countries and more rare animals.

It is necessary to build a main building symbolic of the zoo at its entrance and modernize all animal sheds in line with the characteristic features of animals, while providing convenience to visitors.

The zoo should have peculiar outdoor and indoor resting places.

A work should be done to improve the greening of the zoo area as required by the new century.

It is necessary to take proper measures for supplying water needed for managing the zoo and tending the animals.

The zoo should set up a new guidepost to meet the need of the zoo.

Kim Jong Un expressed expectation and belief that the officials and other employees of the zoo would creditably fulfill their responsibility and mission as a servant of the people.

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