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Kim Jong Un Visits Schools, Department Store and Apartments in Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un (R) talks with officials during an inspection of the Children’s Department Store in Pyongyang (Photo: KCNA)

DPRK state media reported on 30 May (Wednesday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) inspected three school, the Pyongyang Children’s Department Store and apartment construction, all in the central district of Pyongyang.  KJU’s last reported public appearance was his visit to the Pyongyang Central Zoo.  KJU visited the Children’s Department Store and made a return visit to ongoing construction work of the apartment complex on Ch’angcho’n Street in central Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Un (L) inspects a kitchen in the Ch’angcho’n Street apartment complex. Also in attendance is his uncle Jang Song Taek, Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission (R) (Photo: KCNA)

KCNA reports:

He went round the Children’s Department Store nearing completion.

He looked round various places of the department store from the ground floor to the second floor to learn about its construction.

He was satisfied to learn that builders successfully completed the huge construction project in a short span of time, bearing deep in mind the noble intention of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il who always projected children as kings of the country and showed loving care for them so that they could grow up with no more to desire in the world.

He gave precious instructions for managing and operating the department store, saying it is located in the best place facing Mansu Hill where stand the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who loved the children more than anyone else.

Asking officials what measures they took to provide goods for children, he called for minutely organizing the work to steadily improve the service to children as the modern department store has been built as required by the new century.

It is of particular importance to mass-produce and supply toys for intellectual development to the department store in order to help children develop their intellectual ability and learn scientific principles, he said.

Noting that the department store has a large area, he told the officials to arrange not only selling stands but amusement facilities inside the store. When workers of the department store expressed profound thanks for not only making sure that the modern store was built but sparing time to visit their work site, he said with emotion that their gratitude helped him renew his determination to devotedly work for the children, the future of the country.

Then he moved to the new apartment houses in Changjon Street.

He made the rounds of several flats in block 6 and block 1 in the street for a good chunk of time to learn about their construction.

Going round the interior of several flats built in diverse styles, he acquainted himself with details ranging from sizes of living rooms to kitchen sinks and ventilation of stores.

He highly praised the builders for having successfully completed the construction of those modern apartment houses, saying that the new apartment houses including those in block 1 in Changjon Street were designed well and construction was carried out on a high level.

He set forth important tasks which would serve as guidelines for building Pyongyang as required by the Songun era.

He was accompanied by Jang Song Thaek, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and vice-chairman of the NDC, Ri Jae Il, first vice department director of the C.C., the WPK, and Ryang Chong Song, vice department director of the C.C., the WPK.

Kim Jong Un appreciates a view of the Taedong River and East Pyongyang, from one of the apartment towers on Ch’angcho’n Street in central Pyongyang (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

Kim Jong Un (L) talks with Jang Song Taek (R) and other officials during an inspection around central Pyongyang (Photo: KCNA)

Kim Jong Un (3rd R) walks around the campus of Ch’angcho’n Primary School in Pyongyang. (Photo: KCNA)

Kim Jong Un (R) examines a classroom at Ch’angcho’n Primary School in Pyongyang (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

Kim Jong Un (3rd L) visits a lecture hall in Ch’angcho’n Primary School in Pyongyang (Photo: KCNA)

Kim Jong Un was also reported to have inspected the Ch’angcho’n Primary (elementary) School, Kyo’ngsang Nursery and Kyo’ngsang Kindergarten.  KCNA reports:

The first leg of his guidance was Changjon Primary School.

He saw the place where the statue of President Kim Il Sung will be erected and dropped in at the room devoted to the history of the school.

Seeing historic data one by one, he received a report that twice labor hero Kim Su Bok, principal of the school, had the honor of giving a lesson on the Korean language in the presence of the President when he was visiting the school and has worked as teacher and principal of the school for 58 years. He highly praised her for having worked for bringing up children all her life.

Looking round classrooms from the ground floor to the third floor, he asked officials where desks and chairs were made. He said they were made to suit pupils’ ages and heights.

Passing through a corridor, he stressed the need to place benches with dress hangers so that pupils may hang wet winter clothes or raincoats in winter and rainy season.

At the foreign language study room and the computer study room he was pleased that they are well equipped. Entering a spacious lecture hall, he was very satisfied with it, saying that teachers and pupils would like it.

He said he wanted to see the school’s playground and moved to it. He specified tasks for building it better.

When he asked officials where pupils are now studying as the school is under construction, he was told that the school would open soon and begin lessons. Hearing this, he promised to revisit it and see pupils in class without fail.

The second leg of his guidance was the Kyongsang Nursery.

At the Nursing Baby Room No. 2 he learned about how the room can be kept warm to bring up babies well even in winter. He checked if wind would not come from veranda windows.

At the room for meals, he personally felt its floor and stressed the need to let children eat meals in the warm room.

Making the rounds of various education rooms and rooms for intellectual development, he said furniture and facilities have been distributed and arranged well to suit lovely children’s mind.

Underscoring the need to always pay deep attention to bringing up children, the future of the country, he said that the nurses of the Kyongsang Nursery should take warm care of children as their real mothers would do.

The last leg of his guidance was the Kyongsang Kindergarten.

After entering its playground, he proposed to provide a circular lawn to children, saying that if the playground is totally paved, children may get hurt while being engrossed in playing.

He went round the room devoted to the history of the kindergarten.

He was pleased to hear a report that under the loving care of leader Kim Jong Il the kindergarten successfully did the work to raise the educational level for children’s intellectual development and cultural attainments, training a lot of little music talents and pleasing him several times.

At the playing room on the first floor he said it has been arranged well to suit children’s mind and praised the Pyongyang City Designing Institute for designing it well.

Making the rounds of various rooms on each floor, he said the more he saw, the more he liked. He repeatedly said he was most pleased with this visit and he liked everything.

When he dropped in at the hall on the ground floor, he was told that children were waiting for him to see a performance. He would like to watch it despite the pressure of time, he said. He spared time to enjoy it.

As the performance was over, he asked the child who presented a vocal solo to come to him and kindly held the child in his arms. He learned the age of the child and the jobs of the child’s parents and praised the child for singing well, fondling the child’s cheek. He sat on the stage unreservedly and had a photo taken with children, holding them in his arms.

Kindly bidding farewell to the children saying goodbye to him, he told officials that he would visit the kindergarten again and meet with all kindergarteners without fail.

He was accompanied by Jang Song Thaek, member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission, Ri Jae Il, first vice department director of the WPK Central Committee, and Ryang Chong Song and Pak Chun Hong, vice department directors of the WPK Central Committee.

Kim Jong Un greets a worker of the Kyo’ngsang Nursery in Pyongyang (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

Kim Jong Un (2nd R) inspects a classroom at Kyo’ngsang Nursery (Photo: KCNA)

Kim Jong Un greets a child performer during his visit to Kyo’ngsang Kindergarten in central Pyongyang (Photo: KCNA)

Kim Jong Un poses for a commemorative photograph with child performers at Kyo’ngsang Kindergarten in central Pyongyang (Photo: KCNA)

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