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KPA Sends Notice Protesting Ulchi Freedom Guardian Exercises

Maj. Gen. Pak Rim Su, chief of the KPA Mission at P’anmunjo’m

DPRK state media reported on 6 August (Monday) that Major General Pak Rim Su, head of the Korean People’s Army [KPA] Mission at P’anmunjo’m sent a notice protesting the upcoming, annual joint US-ROK exercises Ulchi-Freedom Guardian [UFG].  KCNA reports:

The situation in the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity has reached an extreme pitch of tension owing to the reckless war maneuvers of the belligerent forces to be staged in different parts of South Korea in the wake of their attempted monstrous state-sponsored, politically-motivated terrorism aimed at hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

The U.S. imperialists are so foolish as to stage such a burlesque as sending a “prior notice” to the Korean People’s Army side through the bogus “UN Forces Command” while claiming Ulji Freedom Guardian is an “annual and defensive one” in a bid to conceal its aggressive nature.

All facts go to clearly prove that the scenario of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet regime to seize the DPRK by force of arms at any cost has reached a phase of full-fledged implementation.

In view of this prevailing situation, Pak Rim Su, chief of the Panmunjom Mission of the KPA, Monday sent the following protest notice clarifying the stand of the KPA to James D. Sherman, commander of the U.S.-South Korea Combined Forces: The U.S. is now working hard to paint the aggressive and offensive nature of Ulji Freedom Guardian joint war exercises against the DPRK as “annual and defensive” while contemplating staging them together with South Korea. It is also making a serious mockery of the DPRK by sending “a prior notice allegedly based on trust and transparency”.

It is hostile towards the DPRK behind the scene while publicly uttering it had no intention to invade the DPRK. Not content with this behavior, the U.S. hatched a plot to perpetrate the above-said terrorism and is escalating the war maneuvers against the DPRK. This is the U.S. hostile policy toward it.

The army and people of the DPRK have grown stronger in their will to take revenge on the U.S.

Clear is the stand of the DPRK on the projected joint military exercises. This was fully reflected in a statement issued by a spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission on July 29.

Their reckless saber-rattling against the DPRK would get nothing but disgrace and self- destruction.

The DPRK once again clearly states the KPA will never deal with the “UN Forces Command” which exists in name only.

This is the reply of the KPA to the U.S.

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