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Monuments Dedicated at Chol Pass and Tongil Street

A slogan monument on Kim Jong Il’s military-first (songun) political leadership at Chol Pass in Kangwo’n Province, which dedicated during a ceremony held on 7 September 2012 (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

DPRK state media reported that a monument dedicated to Kim Jong Il’s military-first (so’ngun) leadership was dedicated on Friday (7 September) at Chol Pass in Kangwo’n Province.  Attending the ceremony from Pyongyang were Kim Ki Nam, Korean Workers’ Party Secretary and Director of Propaganda and Agitation (publicity and information), and Yang Hyong Sop, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] Presidium and representing the local party and government leadership were Paek Kye Ryong, Chief Secretary of the Kangwo’ng Provincial KWP Committee, and Won To Hui, chairwoman of the Kangwo’n Provincial People’s Committee.  According to KCNA, “officials, shock brigaders and working people in Kosan County and other areas of Kangwon Province erected the large monument at the best level with ardent loyalty.”

Mosaic depicting Kim Jong Il (L) and Kim Il Sung (R) on Thongil Street in east Pyongyang which was unveiled during a ceremony held on 7 September 2012 (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

Also on Friday, a mosaic depicting Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung was unveiled at a ceremony on T’ongil Street in east Pyongyang.  Among those attending the ceremony were Mun Kyong Dok, Chief Secretary of the Pyongyang KWP Committee, Ryang Man Gil, Chairman of the Pyongyang City People’s Committee, and Ri Man Song, Chairman of the Pyongyang Rural Economy Committee, as well as “official concerned and working people in the city.”  According to KCNA, the “mosaic makes an impressive artistic depiction of the immortal revolutionary careers of the President and the leader who made endless journeys for loving care and devotion to the people despite rain or snow to mix with people all their lives.”  Ceremony participants presented floral baskets at the foot of the mosaic from “the party, power and economic bodies, working people’s organizations, factories, enterprises, farms and universities.”  Mun Kyong Dok delivered the ceremony’s keynote speech, after which “the participants were briefed on the mosaic.”

DPRK state media also reported on 7 September that a mosaic of Kim Jong Il was unveiled at Sangwo’n Cement Complex.  The complex, currently operated as a joint venture with Orascom, is located in Sangwo’n County, North Hwanghae Province.  Hwang Myo’ng-hu’i wrote in Rodong Sinmun:

A mosaic portraying smiling leader Kim Jong Il was erected at the Sangwon Cement Complex to mark the 24th anniversary of his on-the-spot guidance.

Letters “The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il will always be with us” are decorated at the bottom of it.

It vividly represents the will of the workers of the complex always to hold in high esteem Kim Jong Il who dedicated his whole life to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of its people.

Under his wise leadership the complex has been developed into a modern production base of building materials.


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