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DPRK Premier Visits Pyongyang Airport and P’yo’ngso’ng Synthetic Leather Factory

DPRK Choe Yong Rim (4th R) is briefed about the manufacturing process during a tour of the P’yo’ngso’ng Synthetic Leather Factory (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

DPRK state media reported on 29 September that DPRK Cabinet Premier Choe Yong Rim (Ch’oe Yo’ng-rim) visited the P’yo’ngso’ng Synthetic Leather Factory and Terminal 2 at the Pyongyang Airport.  Choe’s first visit was to ongoing construction work of Terminal 2 at Pyongyang (Sunan) Airport.  KCNA reported that Choe “he encouraged the labor feats of soldier-builders who did a lot of work in a short span of time in hearty response to the order of the Supreme Commander.”  After touring the construction site Choe convened a meeting with officials which “discussed ways for completing the construction of the terminal on the highest level as required by the new era true to the instructions given by the Supreme Commander.”

Choe Yong Rim later visited the P’yo’ngso’ng Synthetic Leather Factory.  He toured the factory where he “learned in detail about the technological updating, technical specifications of equipment, varieties and quality of synthetic leather products, etc. going round different places of the factory including the 1st workshop visited by the Generalissimos (Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.”  Choe convened a meeting with factory managers and local officials which “meeting discussed practical issues of ensuring materials and equipment necessary for rounding off the updating of the factory. It also took measures for the related units for sufficiently providing materials and equipment.”  According to KCNA Choe said, “bringing the production of synthetic leather to a higher level is an important work to eternally glorify the leadership exploits of the Generalissimos and improve people’s living standard true to the intention of the dear respected Kim Jong Un.”  KCNA also reported that Choe “called on the Cabinet and other related units to pay deep attention to this matter.”

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