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Jang Song Taek Meets with Japanese Delegations

Jang Song Taek (C) talks with Kanji Inoki (L) and Kenshiro Matsunami at Kim Il Sung Stadium in Pyongyang on 14 November 2012 (Photo: KCNA)

DPRK state media reported on 15 November (Thursday) that Jang Song Taek (Chang So’ng-t’aek; Jang Song Thaek) met and talked  with Kanji Inoki of the Inoki Genome Federation and Kenshiro Matsunami of Nippon Sport Science University, along with members of their respective delegations.  KCNA reported that: “Jang Song Thaek, chairman of the State Physical Culture and Sports Guidance Commission, met and had conversations with Kanji Inoki, president of the Inoki Genom Joint Co., Ltd. of Japan, and his party and leading members of the visiting delegation of the Nippon Sport Science University Group led by President of its Educational Foundation Kenshiro Matsunami Wednesday.”  Mr. Jang’s conversations with the Japanese delegations occurred at Kim Il Sung Stadium, where he and the delegations watched a soccer (football) match between DPRK and Japanese teams.

Jang Song Taek (C) talks with members of Japanese delegations from the Inoki Genome Federation (a.k.a. Inoki Genom Joint Company) and Nippon Sport Science University (Photo: KCNA)

Interestingly (and likely indicative of nothing) in both English and Korean reporting, Mr. Jang was identified as Chairman of the State Physical Culture and Sports Guidance Commission and not by his other state or party positions.

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