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DPRK Economic Delegation Visits Egypt

DPRK Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Ri Myong San (2nd L) and DPRK Ambassador to Egypt Ri Hyok Chol (R) look at a scale model during a tour of Smart Village Egypt (Photo: Smart Village Egypt)

DPRK state media reported on 15 November (Thursday) that DPRK Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed a memorandum of understanding in Cairo on 14 November (Wednesday).  Vice Ministry of Foreign Trade Ri Myong San and DPRK Ambassador to Egypt Ri Hyok Chol, joined by a DPRK economic delegation, attended the signing ceremony along with officials from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The DPRK economic delegation departed the country on 10 November (Saturday).  Among the places the delegation visited, Ri Myong San, along with Ri Hyok Chol, toured the campus Small Villages, which owns and operates business office parks.  According to Smart Villages, “theesteemed delegation initiated their visit by having a presentation in Smart Village pavilion including a life explanation on the Maquette, followed by a bus tour in the Village and they finished the day by visiting the CULTNAT Heritage Center where they watched a digital show of Egypts’ Cultural and Natural Heritage.”  According to Smart Villages, Ri Myong San said that “from the bottom of my heart, I wish to Smart Village Development and Management Company more success and prosperity, and I consider Smart Village Egypt and extremely valuable National Heritage for the Egyptian nation to be proud of.”

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