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KPA Promotions List Issued for Day of the Shining Star (KJI Birthday) (updated)


DPRK state media reported on 15 February (Friday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n), in his capacity as Korean People’s Army [KPA] Supreme Commander, promoted ten (10) party officials or KPA officers to the rank of Lieutenant General (chungjang) 38 KPA officers and party officials to the rank of Major General (sojang) on 13 February (Wednesday).  In issuing the promotions Kim Jong Un wrote of Kim Jong Il “holding high the banner of chuch’e and the military-first banner and with indomitable faith and limitless energy, the great general had brought the dignity of the country and the nation to the highest stage and laid the eternally permanent groundwork for the eternal prosperity of Kim Il Sung Korea, while ceaselessly walking the path of the ultra-intense forced march of patriotic devotion” and also wrote that “the proud history of our revolutionary armed forces — which have engraved only victories and glories — is pervaded with the unheralded efforts of the commanding officers of the people’s army who have devotedly struggled to put into practice the great general’s plans and wishes.”  KJU promoted the officers having “expressed the belief that the KPA commanding officers will fulfill their duty in the noble struggle to win the final victory of the Chuch’e revolution by remaining loyal to the leadership of the party befitting soldiers and disciples of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the future, too.”

Promoted to Lieutenant General were Jang Su Gil, Rim Jong Hwan, Yun Pyong Sok, Han Yong Gil. Kang Yong Dok, Han Sok Gyu, Hwang Kang Chol, Kim Tong Hwa, Pang Yon and So Chol Kwang.

Promoted to Major General were Cha Yong Bom, Kim Sok Chan, Ri Won Son, Kim Jong Ju, Gil Kyong Ho, Min Kwang Son, Jon Thae Ho, Yun Hak Son, Ro Yong Mun, Kim Man Ho, Jon Kwang Su, Pak Kwang Ju, Jon Yong Hak, Ri Kun Hyok, Choe Su Gil, Choe Wang Uk, Kim Song Ryol, Jin Won Chol, Pak Chol Guk, Jon Yong Chan, Jin Yong Chol, Om Song Il, Jong Kyong Son, Wi Rin, Pak Song Hak, Kim Kyong Ryong, Ri Sung Il, Ryang Kye Myong, Pae Pong Il, Kwon Chang Sik, Kim Myong Chol, Kim Kwang Chol, Han Song Chun, Choe Chang Bong, Sin Ha Il, Jong Chang Bok, Choe Kum Chol, and Pak In Chol.

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