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Kim Jong Un Visits Liquor Factory

Kim Jong Un (1) tours the production line at Ryongmun Liquor Factory. (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

Kim Jong Un (1) tours the production line at Ryongmun Liquor Factory. (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

DPRK state media reported on 18 May (Saturday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) visited the Ryongmun Liquor Factory.  KJU’s last observed public appearance was at a recently constructed machine plant.  At the liquor factory, KJU was joined by VMar Choe Ryong Hae (Director of the Korean People’s Army [KPA] General Political Department), Col. Gen. Jon Chang Bok (1st Vice Minister of the People’s Armed Forces), Lt. Gen. Pak Jong Chon (chief of the KPA Artillery Command) and Col. Gen. So Hong Chan.

After arriving at the factory, Kim Jong Un was briefed about its construction and he remarked that “a modern liquor factory was built as required by the new century and the production of liquor is kept going at a high rate, adding that one more instruction of leader Kim Jong Il has been implemented.”  KJU toured the water-filtration and “after being told by officials that it uses spring water gushing out between natural rocks hundreds of meters away from the production site and the volume of spring water and its physical and chemical nature remain unchanged in all seasons, he learned in detail about the technological features of water filtering process including chlorine filter, ferromanganese filter, quartz sand filter, soft water filter and activated charcoal filter.”  He also toured the distillery and packing facility.  According to KCNA, Kim Jong Un “underscored the need to design trademarks better” and said, “it is important to design trademarks well as they are widely used for guaranteeing the quality of products and making ads.”  He also “underscored the need to put the packing process on a higher level of automation in order to save the manpower and cut down production cost” and “called for establishing a modern general command system to more scrupulously organize business management and operation activities.”

Kim Jong Un also visited a shop that sell the alcoholic beverages and an exhibition of the factory’s products.  According to KCNA, KJU “underscored the need to seal them more tightly and take strict measures for ensuring proper temperature and humidity so that their good quality may be preserved” and “specified tasks to be fulfilled to produce, manage and operate the factory and ways for doing so.”  After his tour of the Ryongmun Liquor Factory, Kim Jong Un posed for a commemorative photograph with the factory’s managers and employees.

2 comments on “Kim Jong Un Visits Liquor Factory

  1. Kim

    I carefully checked the pictures in this post: I noticed that KIM JONG UN is unable to stand alone on his feet and needs to be kept from falling by 2 men after having visited this liquor factory!!

    It is clear that he had really made an in depth inspection!!!

    • nkleadershipwatch

      Very, very amusing! Would note, however, that the two factory manager/party secretary linking arms w/KJU is a fairly common pose in these commemorative photographs. There are a number of images in which two officials, model soldiers or young people links arms to the supreme leader–KIS, KJI or KJU.

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