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The Parade

27 july 2013 parade

According to DPRK state media, “a military parade marking the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War has started at Kim Il Sung Square Saturday.”  Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n), Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao, DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju, National Defense Commission Vice Chairman Jang Song Taek, Chief of the Korean People’s Army [KPA] General Staff Gen. Kim Kyok Sik and dozens of senior DPRK officials and foreign guests stood on the reviewing stand overlooking Kim Il Sung Square in central Pyongyang to watch the anniversary parade.  According to Xinhua English, VMar Choe Ryong Hae, Director of the KPA General Political Department, said in a speech before the parade that “a peaceful environment is important for the country that gives priority to economic construction and improvement of the lives of our people.”

The parade included card-stunts, a march past of active duty KPA officers and service members, veterans of the FLW (Korean War) rode in trucks and jeeps, (whilst others watched the parade).  A series of tanks, armored combat vehicles, multiple-launch rocket systems, artillery pieces, unmanned aerial vehicles and ballistic missiles (including the KN-08) rode past the reviewing stand (it remains to be seen whether sand was put down on the street to avoid tanks treads tearing up the pavement, which DPRK authorities did not do during the October 2010 KWP anniversary parade).  The parade also included fly-overs of KPA Air and Anti-Air Command jets and helicopters.

The official high in Pyongyang on 27 July (Saturday) was 31°C (87 °F), however a combination of the intensive crowds and numerous vehicles pushed the temperature to about 35 °C (95 ° F).  At the end of the parade some of the participants were observed by a CNN reporter being carried away for medical treatment.


(Photo: KCTV screengrab)

(Photo: KCTV screengrab)

(Photo: KCTV screengrab)

(Photo: KCTV screengrab)

(Photo: KCTV screengrab)

According to KCNA this is how the parade went down:

A ceremony of the KPA Ground, Navy and Air and Anti-Air Force and Worker-Peasant Red Guards of Honor took place to greet him.

He mounted the tribune of honor.

Taking the tribune of honor were senior party, state and army officials, members of the Central Military Commission of the WPK, chief secretaries of the provincial committees of the WPK and officials of armed forces organs.

Also taking it were Li Yuanchao, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and vice-president of China, and heads of foreign delegations.

Seen at the reviewing stands were the congratulatory group of Koreans in Japan and delegations of overseas Koreans and other overseas Koreans and the chief of the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front.

Present there on invitation were foreign delegations and delegates, diplomatic envoys of different countries and international bodies and members of the military attaches corps here.

There took place a ceremony of the combined military band entering the square.

The flag of the DPRK and the flag of the Workers’ Party of Korea were hoisted at the square.

The commander of the parade units reported to the minister of the People’s Armed Forces that the parade units lined up to be reviewed for the preparations of the parade celebrating the 60th anniversary of the victory in the war.

The minister of the People’s Armed Forces reported to Kim Jong Un that the parade for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the victory in the war would start.

Clarion call was sounded.

A 21-gun salute boomed.

KPA Vice Marshal Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK and director of the KPA General Political Bureau, made a celebration speech to be followed by the military parade.

A column of cavalry soldiers dressed in the uniforms of the Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Army and a column of veterans in the period of the Fatherland Liberation War marched past the square in fine array.

They were followed by columns of Kang Kon Guards Second Infantry Division, Seoul Guards Third Infantry Division, Seoul Kim Chaek Guards 4th Infantry Division and other Guards divisions.

Then followed columns of the Ministry of Interior, political activists, people’s guerrillas and children’s guerillas during the war, Kim Il Sung Military University, Kim Il Sung University of Politics, Kim Jong Il University of People’s Security, Kim Jong Suk Naval University and other military academies at all levels of the KPA and the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces and women’s ground, navy, air and anti-air forces.

They were followed by columns of division of party members in Pyongyang, Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry, the Young Red Guards and revolutionary schools.

Columns of mechanized units marched past the square.

They included columns of artillery pieces, tanks and armored vehicles of various types, attack drones, strategic rockets and other Korean-style latest arms and equipment and ultra-precision strike means crawled through the square.

Formations of planes flew in the sky above the square.

Columns of trucks carrying officials in the field of munitions industry were driven past the square.

Mass demonstration of Pyongyangites was followed.

Flag ranks of demonstrators with huge statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il among them entered the square.

Ranks of dancers with DPRK flags, party flags, service persons’ families and other people passed with floats and slogan boards bearing letters reading “July 27 of Victory”, “For My Only Motherland” and “Single-hearted Unity of All Service Personnel and People”.

Ranks walked past the square with a float bearing letters reading “We fought together” indicative of the fact that the victory in the war is the victory common to the Chinese people who helped the DPRK at the cost of blood under the banner of “resisting America, aiding Korea, safeguarding the home and defending the motherland” and the world peace-loving people.

Letters reading “Kim Il Sung”, “Kim Jong Il”, “Kim Jong Un”, “Celebration 60”, “Glory”, “Iron-willed Commander”, “Great Army-People Unity” and “Great Victory” and the WPK flags of the DPRK and WPK were portrayed in succession by the background stand at the square.

The combined military band changed its formation, shaping the logo of the WPK and portraying the letter reading “Defense”.

Fireworks were displayed and lots of balloons were flown up to the sky.

Kim Jong Un walked to the balcony of the platform and warmly acknowledged the enthusiastic cheers of crowds.

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