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DPRK Premier Visits Farms in S. P’yo’ngan

DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju (L) tours the Yoldusamch'o'n Farm in Sukch'o'n County, South P'yo'ngan Province (Photo: Rodong Sinmun).

DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju (L) tours the Yoldusamch’o’n Farm in Sukch’o’n County, South P’yo’ngan Province (Photo: Rodong Sinmun).

DPRK state media reported on 15 October (Tuesday) that Premier Pak Pong Ju visited the Yoldusamch’o’n Farm in Sukch’o’n County and the Ansok Cooperative Farm in Onch’o’n County, both in South P’yo’ngan Province.  The farms were described as “making successes in harvesting and threshing.”  Pak Pong Ju talked with “functionaries of the primary organization and farmers who distinguished themselves.”  According to KCNA, Pak “congratulated them on their successes and made inquiries about the crop estimate and supply of materials by the relevant units.”  Pak held a consultative meeting “where he called for concentrating all efforts and mobilizing all means for farming and doing farming in scientific and technological way to carry out behests of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung (Kim Il-so’ng) and Kim Jong Il (Kim Cho’ng-il), true to the intentions of supreme leader Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n).”  Pak “underscored the need to direct efforts to cultivating high-yielding crops of new species suited to the geographical and climatic conditions of the country under the Workers’ Party of Korea’s policy for bringing about a radical turn in seed selection,” he “called for pushing ahead with the work to make revolution in agricultural science and technology and industrialize and modernize the farming”  and he “made sure that measures were taken for the supply by the relevant units of electricity and fuel necessary for harvesting and threshing to successfully conclude this year’s farming.”


One comment on “DPRK Premier Visits Farms in S. P’yo’ngan

  1. Leon A Davis

    Premier Pak Pong Ju is quite an interesting fellow. He was premier until he was sacked in 2007 but Marshal Kim Jong Un restored him to that position last April. From what I’ve read, Premier Pak is willing to do whatever it takes to get the agricultural sector up to speed. Apparently this is what got him into trouble in 2007 when he insisted on following the China model and not that which had been developed by the DPRK. The fact that Premier Pak is out and about looking at farms seems to indicate that Marshal Kim has turned the issue of food production over to him. One might also surmise that references in the article to science and technology and modernization and new seed species reflect the thoughts of Premier Pak. By the way, note that the article stated that the premier conducted a “field survey” and not “field guidance”. Just a thought.

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