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DPRK Requests UN Assistance to Combat FMD Outbreak

FMD Vaccine

FMD Vaccine

The DPRK government has requested the assistance of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization [FAO] to contain an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease [FMD], according to Yonhap citing an RFA report.  Officials from the DPRK Embassy in Rome met with representatives of the FAO on 24 February [Monday] to request disinfectants, vaccines and advisers to combat an FMD outbreak that has affected pig farms in and around Pyongyang since early January.  According to its own reporting to the World Organization of Animal Health, FMD has infected 3,280 pigs at farms in Pyongyang and its suburbs.  On Monday, the ROK Government offered the DPRK a working-level consultative meeting and the necessary disinfectants and vaccines to deal with the outbreak, but the DPRK has not responded to the offer.  In 2012, according to Daily NK, the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund funded approximately $800,000 for FMD vaccines.

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