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Economic Planning Meeting Held


Cabinet ministers attend a national report meeting on September 5, 2016 Photo: KCTV


A national meeting of those active in economic planning was held September 5, 2016 (Monday) at the People’s Palace of Culture. In attendance were DPRK Premier and State Affairs Commission (SAC) Vice Chairman Pak Pong Ju, Director of Economic Affairs O Su Yong, State Planning Commission Chairman and DPRK Vice Premier Ro Tu Chol, First Vice Minister of the People’s Armed Forces Col Gen No Kwang Chol, Minister of Chemical Industry and Vice Premier Ri Mu Yong and Minister of Agriculture and Vice Premier Ko In Ho, WPK Light Industry Department Director An Jong Su, WPK Light Industry Department deputy director Pak Myo’ng-son,  along with senior officials and functionaries of the WPK, the Korean People’s Army (KPA), the DPRK government, senior cadres of national institutions, provincial, city, and county power organizations, managers and planning officials of production and agricultural units and DPRK citizens.


The platform at the national meeting held on September 5, 2016 Photo: KCTV


DPRK state media reported that the meeting “analyzed and reviewed the achievements, experience and lesson drawn from the drive to carry out the policy of the WPK on planning the national economy and discussed tasks and ways for putting the planning on a new high stage by enhancing the role of the leading economic officials and planning officials in implementing the strategic line of building an economic power set forth by the 7th Congress of the WPK and carrying out the immediate five-year strategy for national economy development.”

According to KCNA, O Su Yong read Kim Jong Un’s September 2016 treatise, “Improving and Strengthening the Planning Is Urgent Requirement for Building Socialist Economic Giant” which “serves as important guidelines for hastening the building of an economic power by giving fuller play to the advantages of the socialist planned economy as required by the developing reality and for bringing about a new revolutionary turn in planning the national economy by raising the responsibility and the role of the leading economic officials and planning officials.”

DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju delivers a report at a national meeting on September 5, 2016  Photo: KCTV

Pak Pong Ju delivered a report which said, “President Kim Il Sung made sure that the state planning institution was built for the first time in Korea on March 6, 1946 after the liberation of Korea on the basis of the valuable experience gained in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and wisely guided it, providing an eternal foundation for planning the national economy. Leader Kim Jong Il developed in depth the President’s unique idea and theory of planning as required by the times and the developing revolution and made sure that the socialist planning economy was thoroughly maintained, providing a springboard for building an economic giant. The planning of the national economy entered a new high stage under the wise leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.”
Pak stressed “the need for all the leading economic officials and planning officials to conduct an innovative economic operation and command to materialize the idea and intention of Kim Jong Un without fail.”
After Pak’s report, meeting speakers stressed “the need to thoroughly carry out the decision made at the 7th Congress of the WPK by bringing about a fresh turn in planning with exceptional awareness and indomitable will with a firm hold on the WPK’s policy of planning the national economy and thus demonstrate the great Kim Jong Un’s era shining with creation and changes before the whole world.”
The last meeting of this nature was held on March 22, 2006. The meeting was also held in the People’s Palace of Culture. In attendance were DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju, Secretary General of the SPA Presidium Choe Yong Rim, Vice Premier Ro Tu Chol, Director of Planning and Finance Pak Nam Ki (currently deceased), and Chairman of the State Planning Commission Kim Kwang Rin, along with other senior party officials.
A recorded speech called “To thoroughly demonstrate the great vitality of theorizing and detailing the national economy plan” from September 23, 1965 by Kim Il Song was played. Kim Kwang Rin was the keynote speaker. Kim Kwang Rin and other speakers spoke about the “party helped achieve a great result in economic construction by always attaching great significance to the national economic planning work and presenting planning policies along with the chuch’e-oriented economic construction line and enabled the superiority of socialist planned economy to be exhaustively displayed.” Also mentioned was “The planning functionaries devoted all their wisdom and passion to struggles for the development of the national economic planning work in those days based on a revolutionary conviction that socialism of our own style would forever win victory after victory as it was with the great general and made great progress in guaranteeing the maximum actual profit, even while thoroughly abiding by the planned economic management principle of the state.”


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