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Ri Yong Ho Gives Speech at NAM


DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho speaks to the NAM Ministerial Summit (Photo: Foreign Ministry of Venezuela)

Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho went to Venezuela to appear at a ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movements (NAM) which was held on September 15 and 16, 2016 (Thursday and Friday). He gave the following speech:
The delegation of the DPRK finds it very important to clearly reflect the stand of the NAM on enhancing its position and role as a powerful anti-war and peace-loving force today, thwarting the acts of imperialists to maintain and strengthen aggressive military blocs and struggling against all forms of aggression, interference, subordination and inequality.
Aggressive joint military exercises, use of force and threats continue to be committed against sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the NAM member states in violation of principles of the UN charter.
As for the large-scale United States-south Korea joint military exercises being conducted in south Korea several times every year against the DPRK, the exercises are unprecedented in terms of military and nuclear threats on one member country of the NAM by one imperialist power.
It is because of this provocative and aggressive large-scale joint military exercises of the United States that the situation on the Korean peninsula is often falling into danger of out of control.
By inflicting unreasonable sanctions on the NAM member states with no legal ground, while impartiality and justice are being ignored, the UN Security Council turned into a tool of high-handedness and arbitrariness of the United States.
On several occasions the Government of the DPRK made a request to the UN Security Council for an emergency meeting on the large-scale joint military exercises of the United States which are provocative and aggressive with grave threats to international peace and security but the Council turned away every time.
On the other hand, the Security Council adopted and enforced a “resolution” which prohibits the nuclear tests and ballistic rocket launch of the DPRK.
It was inevitable that the DPRK made an option for nuclear armament after everything has been done for the safeguarding of the security of the country in the face of the consistent threats coming from the United States.
The United States and western countries are even abusing the UN Security Council to force their “democracy” and “standards for human rights” upon the NAM countries.
In order for the UN Security Council to work with impartiality, it is crucial that NAM countries within the council should undertake common actions.
Therefore when the NAM countries take joint action that means they can actually possess the power of veto.
From this viewpoint, the DPRK considers that an action should be taken to activate and decisively enhance the role of the NAM working group within the UN Security Council.
The government of the DPRK will resolutely struggle for the common interests of the NAM countries and closely cooperate with them.

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