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Kim Jong Un Inspects KPA Unit #1314

Commemorative photo of Kim Jong Un with officers and service members of KPA Unit #1314 (Photo: Rodong Sinmun/KCNA).

Commemorative photo of Kim Jong Un with officers and service members of KPA Unit #1314 (Photo: Rodong Sinmun/KCNA).

KJU’s last observed appearance was his field inspection of a company subordinate to KPA Unit #233

DPRK state media reported on January 22 (Sunday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) inspected Korean People’s Army [KPA] Unit #1314.  Also in attendance were KPA General Political Department Director and State Affairs Commission Vice Chairman VMar Hwang Pyong So (Hwang Pyo’ng-so) and KPA General Staff Operations Bureau Director and 1st Vice Chief of the KPA General Staff Colonel-General Ri Yong Gil (Ri Yo’ng-kil).

His first stop was to a monument to late leader Kim Jong Il’s (Kim Cho’ng-il) December 2003 field inspection.  Jong Un recalled that KJI “gave instructions for preparing soldiers to be fighters strong in idea and faith, rounding off the combat readiness and improving supply service.”  Stress was placed by Kim Jong Un on the “need for the commanding officers and combatants to thoroughly implement the behests of Kim Jong Il.”

Kim Jong Un toured a lecture room of the O Chung-hup Political University and underscored “the necessity to give effective lectures as required by the mentality and characters of soldiers.  To this end, it is necessary to properly work out an education program, steadily improve the education contents and methods and ceaselessly raise the level of teachers and, at the time same time, fully provide materials and technical means for education.”  According to state media reporting, Jong Un “showed loving care for the unit.”

Jong Un remarked that “there is noting to fear when people remain strong in idea and the army is powerful.  The standoff with the enemy is the confrontation between arms and arms and between the idea and faith of the KPA and those of the enemy.”  He called “for beating back the enemies armed to the teeth with the political and ideological superiority of the soldiers fully equipped with that idea and faith.”

Kim Jong Un toured the unit’s mess and food stores and was briefed about its combat preparations, training and how it discharges its mission.  He issued “tasks facing the unit that would serve as guidelines for rounding off its combat preparations and bolstering up its combat capability.”  Prior to a commemorative photo-op with service members and officers of the unit, he presented a ceremonial pair of binoculars and automatic rifle.

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