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DPRK Cabinet Holds Second Plenum

DPRK state media reported on 13 July (Saturday) that the DPRK Cabinet held its second plenary meeting (plenum) in 2013.  Neither Korean nor English news items on the Cabinet meeting … Continue reading

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Taep’ung Investment Group Formally Dissolved

Yonhap News Agency reported and confirmed on 1 February (Friday) that the Korea Taep’ung International Investment Group has dissolved.  Taep’ung began as an energy provider selling oil and gas (via … Continue reading

02/01/2013 · 1 Comment

Pregaming the 12th SPA’s 6th Session (revised)

Corrected to reflect the two inter-Korea special administrative regions in Kaeso’ng and Mt. Ku’mgang The 12th Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] will hold its sixth session on 25 September.  Ahead of … Continue reading

09/24/2012 · 1 Comment

Ri Chol on China Trip with JST

Ri Chol, an executive officer of the Joint Venture and Investment Commission of the DPRK, was one of the 50 members of the DPRK-China Joint Guidance Committee who traveled to … Continue reading

08/14/2012 · 2 Comments

KJI Concerned About “Unrest” in Early February Over Money Crunch (revised 18 April)

Choson Ilbo, citing a story from Open Radio for NK, reports that Kim Jong Il was worried about public discontent at a meeting in early February. At a meeting on … Continue reading

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Revaluation Reflux

In the latest installment of “For the Love of Money“ Choson Sinbo features several stories about the DPRK’s “currency exchange” which may be the closest thing Pyongyang watchers get to … Continue reading

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