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Kim Jong Un Watches SLBM Test Launch

  Kim Jong Un’s last observed appearance was his visit to the Taedonggang Pig Farm. Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) observed and commanded the test launch of submarine-launched ballistic missiles … Continue reading


DPRK Cabinet, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Culture and KPISF Hold Party Conferences

DPRK state media reported on April 25 (Monday) that the Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] committees of the DPRK Cabinet, Korean People’s Internal Security Forces [KPISF], the Ministry of Railways … Continue reading


Kim Jong Un Visits Construction of Okryu Children’s Hospital

DPRK state media reported on 5 October (Saturday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) visited the construction of the Okryu Children’s Hospital in Pyongyang.  He was accompanied by Jang Song … Continue reading

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Minister of People’s Security Reclaims 4th Star

DPRK state media reported that Choe Pu Il, Minister of the People’s Security, was restored to his previous rank of four-star General (taejang) per an order of Kim Jong Un … Continue reading

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Rumors of Dismissed People’s Security Minister Floated in ROK Media

South Korean [ROK] media, citing an interview with an unnamed ROK government official, are circulating rumors that DPRK Minister of People’s Security, Gen. Ri Myong Su (Ri Myo’ng-su) has been … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Un Resurfaces

When a train crossed the DPRK-PRC border on 26 May, the occupant was said to be Kim Cho’ng-u’n.  Pyongyang watchers widely anticipated the hereditary successor’s sojourn to the PRC in … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Il Visits Nanjing

Kim Cho’ng-il’s trip to the PRC continued into its fifth day.  On Tuesday [24 May], Kim Cho’ng-il visited Nanjing for several hours which included a tour of an electronic industry … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Il Tours Sites in Yangzhou

The third and fourth day of Kim Cho’ng-il’s visit to China proceeded in Yangzhou, where he is staying in a state guest house.  During his stay in Yangzhou, he has … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Il Continues

Kim Cho’ng-il’s trip to the PRC continued into its second day in Changchun.  In a brief six-hour trip through the city KCI visited a car factory, according to Yonhap News … Continue reading


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