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Kim Jong Un Visits Islets in KPA Southwestern Front

KJU’s last observed appearance was his inspection of Mahap Islet DPRK state media reported November 13 (Sunday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) inspected Korean People’s Army [KPA] units on … Continue reading


Kim Jong Un Watches SLBM Test Launch

  Kim Jong Un’s last observed appearance was his visit to the Taedonggang Pig Farm. Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) observed and commanded the test launch of submarine-launched ballistic missiles … Continue reading


The National Peace Committee of Korea Issued a Statement About THAAD on August 13

According to KCNA, the statement from August 13, 2016 (Saturday) said: What traitor Park uttered this time is, as commented by the public at home and abroad, little short of … Continue reading


KPA P’anmunjo’m Mission Spox Says “US Should Go Home”

The Korean People’s Army [KPA] P’anmunjo’m Mission issued a statement on July 20 (Wednesday), the 66th anniversary of the “Taejo’n Agreement”: The so-called “Taejo’n Agreement” was concluded in July 1950 … Continue reading


Foreign Ministry Issues Statement on Kim Jong Un’s Sanctions Designation

The DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement on July 7 (Thursday) responding to Kim Jong Un’s (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) sanctions designation by the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets … Continue reading


National Defense Commission Spokesman Issues Statement on Peninsula Security

A spokesman for the DPRK National Defense Commission [NDC] issued a statement claiming that the “situation of the Korean peninsula is being rapidly pushed to the danger of the outbreak … Continue reading


KPA P’anmunjo’m Mission Releases Memo on US “Criminal War Moves”

  The Korean People’s Army [KPA] Mission to P’anmunjo’m released a memo on May 3 (Tuesday) which alleged “before the world the hideous criminal war moves against the DPRK stepped … Continue reading


National Defense Commission Releases Statement on DPRK-US Relations

The National Defense Commission [NDC], the DPRK government’s highest authority and supreme power organization, issued a spokesman’s statement on 12 October (Saturday) which it said “revealed the deceptive nature of … Continue reading

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Statement Published Declaring “North-State Relations Have Been Put in a State of War”

DPRK state media published a statement (tamhwa) on 30 March (Saturday) from “the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK.”  Unlike the recent volley of statements, or indeed most communications … Continue reading

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