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Jong Un Photographs (Come all without, come all within…)

Photographs of hereditary successor Kim Jong Un attending the 3rd Party Conference and posing with other members of the DPRK leadership were released by KCNA.


Party Conference Held

Kim Jong Un has been elected Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission (along with GSD Chief, VMAR Ri Yong Ho).  Jang Song Taek was elected an alternate (candidate) member … Continue reading


DPRK Prepares for Military Parade

The Korean People’s Army appears to be finalizing preparations for one of the DPRK’s largest military parades in its history.  The parade will occur in Pyongyang, possibly as part of … Continue reading


Deferred Party Conference

Two weeks after party representatives began to assemble in Pyongyang, the 3rd Party Conference has been postponed.  The official reason for the cancellation is damage and loss of life caused … Continue reading


3rd Party Conference

The KWP Political Bureau (Politburo) announced on 26 June 2010 that it would convene a Party Conference or Meeting of Party Representatives.  According to two reports the conference will begin … Continue reading


KJI Goes to China

Kim Jong Il has visited the PRC for the second time this year.  Among the issues discussed were the 6 Party Talks, increased economic and cultural exchange and border issues … Continue reading

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Pak Pong Ju’s Return

Technocrat Pak Pong Ju, who served as DPRK Premier from 2003 to 2007, has taken the position of deputy (vice) director of the CC KWP Light Industry Department.  His presence … Continue reading


Party Conference a Coronation?

The 3rd Party Conference (which may begin on 6 September) is one event that will facilitate the leadership system which will eventually replace Kim Jong Il at the power center.  … Continue reading

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Office #39: Here Today, Censored Tomorrow

The PRC press seems to have treated Office #39 (Room 39; Third Floor) as the kind of front company 39 controls: here today, and gone tomorrow.  KBS reported yesterday that … Continue reading

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