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Post-Party Congress Events

Kim Jong Un’s last observed appearance was his attendance on the last day of the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea on May 9 Kim Jong Un (Kim … Continue reading


Han Kwang Sang Affirmed as KWP Department Director

DPRK state media has identified central party finance and accounting cadre Han Kwang Sang as a Korean Workers’ Party [KWP] Department Director.  In a 23 September (Monday) report about Kim … Continue reading

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KJI Youngest Daughter Working as Events Manager for KJU?

Kim Yo Jong (Kim Yo’-cho’ng), the 26 year old sister of DPRK leader Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n), is working in the National Defense Commission [NDC] as her older brother’s … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Un Visits Ku’msusan and Attends Banquet to Mark KPA Anniversary

DPRK state media reported that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) visited the Ku’msusan Memorial Palace of the Sun and attended a banquet on 25 April (Thursday), to mark the official … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Un Watches Basketball Game with Dennis Rodman (updated 1 March)

DPRK state media reported on 28 February (Thursday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) watched a basketball with former NBA player and Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman at Ryugyong Jong … Continue reading

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Rumors of Dismissed People’s Security Minister Floated in ROK Media

South Korean [ROK] media, citing an interview with an unnamed ROK government official, are circulating rumors that DPRK Minister of People’s Security, Gen. Ri Myong Su (Ri Myo’ng-su) has been … Continue reading

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KJU Attends Party Central Committee’s 2nd Banquet for Rocket Launch Personnel

DPRK state media reported on 30 December (Sunday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) attended a second banquet for 12 December 2012 rocket launch personnel hosted by the Korean Workers’ … Continue reading

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KJU attends Banquet Celebrating U’nha-3 Launch

DPRK state media reported on 21 December (Friday) that Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) and his wife Ri Sol Ju (Ri So’l-chu) attended a banquet honoring Korean Committee for Space … Continue reading

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Office #38 Repurposed?

Kyodo News reported on 18 October (Thursday) that Office #38, a unit of the Korean Workers’ Party [KWP] Finance and Accounting Department which managed some of Kim Jong Il’s cash … Continue reading

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