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DPRK Premier Visits Hoeryong and Raso’n

DPRK state media reported on 17 September (Monday) that DPRK Cabinet Premier Choe Yong Rim toured the city of Hoeryo’ng on the DPRK-China border in North Hamgyo’ng Province and Raso’n … Continue reading

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Jang Song Thaek Travels to China

DPRK state media reported that Jang Song Taek (Chang So’ng-t’aek), Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission [NDC], departed Pyongyang for China on 13 August (Monday) at the head of … Continue reading

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KJU Election as Delegate Endorsed by Local Party Conferences

The Korean Workers’ Party [KWP] has continued to hold provincial party conferences to elect delegates (party representatives) to the 4th Party Conference to be held in the middle of April. … Continue reading

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KJI Meets with Le Keqiang

Taking time from a recent spate of KPA field inspections and on-the-spot guidance visits, Kim Jong Il met with Chinese Vice Premier Le Keqiang and a delegation of senior PRC … Continue reading

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KJI Arrives in Siberia

Kim Jong Il (Kim Cho’ng-il) arrived in Khasan, in Russia’s Far East on Saturday (20 August), his first trip to Russia since 2002.  In an unusual move, KCNA reported KJI’s … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Il Meets Li Yuanchao

Kim Jong Il (Kim Cho’ng-il) met with Li Yuanchao, head of the CPCC Organization Department and member of the Political Bureau of the CPC on Monday (13 June).  Li arrived … Continue reading

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2nd Meeting of PRC-DPRK Economic Zone Guidance Committee

The DPRK and PRC held the second meeting of its committee supervising the development of Naso’n (Najin-So’ngbong) and two area in North P’yo’ngan Province (Hwanggu’mp’yo’ng and Wihwa).  KCNA reported: The … Continue reading

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Political Bureau Meets

The CC KWP Political Bureau convocated an “enlarged meeting” on Monday [6 June], according to KCNA.  Much of the agenda focused on a report about Kim Cho’ng-il’s recently completed trip … Continue reading

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SPA Decree Opens Wihwa and Hwanggumphyong Islands near DPRK-PRC Border

The Supreme People’s Assembly’s [SPA] Presidium adopted a decision to designate Wihwa and Hwangkimp’yo’ng Islands, and several other parcels in North P’yo’ngan Province near the DPRK-Sino border.  The DPRK announced … Continue reading

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