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NDC Statement Says “Should Not to Expect Any Change from the DPRK”

The DPRK government returned to work on 30 December (Friday), after the country finished a 10-day mourning period and funeral ceremonies for Kim Jong Il.  The government’s supreme policymaking organization, … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Il Conducts KPA Field Inspections After “Sea of Fire” Statement

Kim Jong Il traveled to South Hwanghae Province and inspected two Korean People’s Army [KPA] units, one day after the KPA Supreme Command issued a report that threatened “a sea … Continue reading

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DPRK Reiterates Request for Cancelation of Ulchi Freedom Guardian

While Koreans commemorated Liberation Day (15 August), DPRK media outlets have requested the cancelation of the joint US-ROK Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG) exercises which are scheduled to begin on 16 … Continue reading

08/15/2011 · 1 Comment

KJI Meets with PRC Delegation

Fresh from his trip to the Central Zoo, Kim Jong Il met with the PRC delegation, head by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang.  KCNA reported: Present there were Vice-Chairmen of … Continue reading

07/13/2011 · 1 Comment

Busy Days in Internal Security

These are interesting times for the country’s internal security apparatus.  Enforcement initiatives and tightening of social and population controls finds the Military Security Command riding shotgun, while the Ministry of … Continue reading

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NDC Statement Pronounces DPRK “Will Never Deal With” Lee Myung-bak

The National Defense Commission issued a statement announcing that “the DPRK will launch a nationwide offensive  to put an end to the moves of the Lee group to escalate confrontation … Continue reading

05/31/2011 · 1 Comment

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