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Ministry of People’s Armed Forces Spokesman’s Statement, 13 March 2013

A spokesman from DPRK defense ministry, the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces [MPAF, issued the following statement on 13 March 2013 “The Puppet Military Warmongers’ Crazed Disgraceful Behavior Will Inescapably Face Severe Punishment” which was read with other news items on 13 March 2013 broadcasts

On 5 March, the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army [KPA] declared at home and abroad a firm decision reflecting the will of our army and people to cope with the anti-Republic hostile acts of the United States and other hostile forces that have become increasingly more high-handed.

The South Korean puppet military warmongers, however, still have not come to their senses and are running amok even more wickedly like a pack of mad dogs caught on fire.

On 6 March, the puppet Joint Chiefs of Staff used a fellow called the chief of its operations center to blather that if we commence our just actions, they will punish not only the origin and the supporting forces but even the commanding forces by mobilizing the military means of the bastards.

On 8 March, the puppet Ministry of National Defense used someone called its spokesperson to even dare to toy with our supreme dignity and impudently let loose the violent outburst that it would snuff the North’s regime out of existence from the face of the earth with the will of mankind if we, who possess nuclear weapons, launch into an all-out war.

Kim Byung-kwan the bastard nominated for the defense minister of the newly inaugurated puppet regime to replace the military hooligan Kim Kwan-chin, is also already barking recklessly that he would counter our all-out war of confrontation by seeking the change of the North’s regime or its collapse, as well as psychological warfare.

Such crazed disgraceful acts of the puppet military warmongers are not unrelated to the malicious swish of skirt made by the one who has again taken over the main room of Cheong Wa Dae [Ch’o’ngwadae, ROK Office of the President].

Extremely ill-boding abuses are now continuously flowing out from the main room of Cheong Wa Dae, such as that a country cannot be protected with weapons alone and a country that concentrates only on its military capabilities, including nuclear weapons, will bring about its self-destruction, while stridently crying out for putting all efforts into some kind of a security posture.
The problem is that all these moves are timed to coincide with the full-fledged stage of the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle nuclear war exercises staged by the United States and the South Korean puppets.

We can only interpret these as a move following the bankrupt confrontation attitude of the Lee Myung-bak puppet regime and a manifestation of ignorance that fails to even recognize a precious asset of the nation.

The army of the nation and people possessing nuclear weapons will always win a victory in the fight against formidable enemies and most reliably guarantee the powerfulness and security of the country.

This is a stark reality shown to us by this world governed by the law of the jungle and a bitter lesson we drew from the arduous anti-US war of confrontation that has been continuing from one century to the next.

In disregard of this stark reality, they are crying out for abandoning nuclear weapons, which are the asset of the nation worth bragging to the world, and clamoring for giving up the military-first, which protects the peace of this land from the aggression and war maneuvers of outside forces. These are nothing more than the reckless remarks made by idiots and imbeciles whose ability to judge the reality has become completely paralyzed.

Moreover, they are denouncing our all-out war of confrontation — which was launched in order to counter and crush the aggressive war maneuvers of brigands who are attacking in groups to annihilate the sovereignty of the nation — as provocation, and not satisfied with this, they are rushing about to disarm even the nuclear arms we acquired to protect the country and nation. This is an unqualified act of treason that can never be tolerated under any circumstances.

The South Korean people and the puppet military officers and men should clearly realize that the sovereignty of the country and the destiny of the nation cannot be entrusted to such groups of traitors, and should point the muzzle of guns they are grasping at the puppet military warmongers by acting in concert with our just all-out war of confrontation.

The ugly disgraceful acts of the puppet military warmongers are also anachronistic acts of treason recklessly and blindly following the brigandish opinion of their US master, which is attempting to completely swallow up their country, their nation, unable to tell what is justice and truth and what is injustice and falsehood.

Just because the United States and other big powers resort to coercion and high-handedness and make some kind of a decision, this in no way translates into justice.

Just because the UN Security Council — which has been reduced to a rubber stamp that is bereft of fairness and impartiality — adopts some kind of a resolution, this does not make it a truth.

No matter how much injustice and falsehood pile up, they cannot change into justice and truth, and their true aspects are bound to come to light before the times and history.

The indomitable struggle waged by our army and people to defend the sovereignty of the nation and its right to existence and adhere to the supreme interests of the country is the justice shown by history and the truth clarified by the times.

Our army and people came to possess the diversified precision nuclear deterrent while tightening their belts and opted for the rough military-first road among tens of thousands of roads, because this is precisely where there is the justice crushing injustice and the truth bringing falsehood to light.

The failure of the South Korean puppet military warmongers to realize this reality is linked to their being a group of treason steeped in the worship of the United States and flunkeyism.

It is said that when people become steeped in flunkeyism, they will turn into fools and that when a nation becomes steeped in flunkeyism, the country will go to ruin.

This is a law corroborated by the long human history.

Our army and people will no longer sit back and merely watch the ugly disgraceful conduct of the South Korean puppet military warmongers who are serving up their officers and man as the cannon fodder and bullet bait for their master, while entrusting even the wartime operational control, which is like the life of an army, to their US master.

It is precisely why we chose the United States and the puppet military warmongers servile to it as the main target of the all-out war of confrontation for defending sovereignty and as the first target to be rooted out without a trace.

The puppet military warmongers should bear in mind that the prescription of the armistice agreement and the restrictions imposed by the North-South nonaggression declarations now no longer exist on this land.

What only remains is the just act of our army and people, the merciless act of retaliation.

The South Korean puppets should come to their right senses.

[Signed] 13 March Chuch’e 102 (2013), Pyongyang

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