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List updated 25 June 2014
This is a collection of biographical sketches and chronologies (i.e. CVs) of DPRK elites.

Information contained in these biosketches and chronologies is derived from open source information (books, media reports, government reports, official press statements, essays, academic journals, non-governmental organization newsletters, and international organization reports) including Rodong Sinmun/Korea Central News Agency; Yonhap News Agency and Vantage Point; Naewoe Publishing; Korea Institute for National Unification [KINU], Xinhua News Agency, Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, various official databases and archives, the author’s own files and archives, and human sources from the DPRK, Japan and the US.

Readers of this site seeking additional information about DPRK leadership listed below, or who would like to see a biosketch on a particular DPRK elite produced and disseminated  can contact <>.

Chae Hui Jong (deceased) Director, KWP Document Archive Office (1995-2013) (c)

Choe Ryong Hae, CC KWP Secretary of Workers’ Organization (2014–) Director of the KPA General Political Department (2012-2014) (bsk)

Col. Gen. Choe Sang Uk, former member, Central Military Commission (1980-2010) (bsk)

Choe Son Hui, Department Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (bsk)

Gen. Choe Pu Il, Minister of People’s Security; Alternate Member, KWP Political Bureau Member, Central Military Committee (bsk)

Choe Thae Bok CC KWP Science Education Secretary; SPA Chairman (bsk)

Choe Yong Rim Honorary Vice President of the SPA Presidium; DPRK Premier (2010-2013)(bsk)

Ho Myong Uk,  Director, Office #35 (bsk)

Hong In Bom, Chief KWP Secretary, South Pyongan Party Committee (bsk)

VMAR Hwang Pyong So, Director of the KPA General Political Department (bsk)

Hong Sung Mu, CC KWP Deputy Director of Machine-Building Industry (bsk)

VMAR Hyon Chol Hae,  1st Vice Minister of the People’s Armed Forces (2012-2013); Director, NDC Standing Bureau (2007-2012) (bsk)

Col. Gen. Hyon Yong Chol, Minister of the People’s Armed Forces (June 2014-present) Commander V Corps (May 2013-June 2014) Chief of the KPA General Staff (July 2012-May 2013)

Mr. Jang Song Taek (deceased) NDC Vice Chairman; Director CCKWP Administration Department; KJI brother-in-law (bsk)

Jang Yong Chol, DPRK Ambassador to Malaysia (2011-2013)

Ji Jae Ryong, DPRK Ambassador to China (PRC) (bsk)

Mr. Jon Hui Jong, Director, NDC Foreign Affairs Department (2007-2011) (c)

Jon Il Chun, Deputy Director of the KWP Finance and Accounting Department (Office #39) former chief officer, DPRK Taepung International Investment Group and State Development Bank (0n behalf of the NDC) (bsk)

Mr. Jon Pyong Ho, Director Cabinet Political Bureau and Chief Secretary Party Committee (2010-2012) (bsk); Member, NDC (1990-2011); CC KWP Secretary of Military Industry (1986-2010)

Gen. Jong Ho Gyun,  Member, CC KWP and CMC ; KPA artillery commander (bsk) (2007-2012)

Gen. Jong Myong Do Commanding Officer, KPA Navy (Naval Command) 2007-2012; Member, CMC, 2010-2012 (bsk)

VMAR Jo Myong-rok (deceased) NDC Vice Chairman (1998-2010), Director, MPAF GPD (1995-2010), Member, CMC (1980-2010), Member, CC KWP Political Bureau Presidium (2010) (bsk)

Mr. Ju Kyu Chang, NDC and CMC Member; CC KWP Director Machine-Building Industry (bsk)

Gen. Ju Sang Song, Director, County People’s Security Branch Office; NDC Member (2009-2011) and Minister of People’s Security (2004-2011) Political Bureau Member (2010-2011)

Col. Gen. Kang Tong Yun, Deputy (Vice) Director, CC KWP Organization and Guidance Department (bsk)

Kang Kwan Chu Director, NDC External Liaison Department (c)

Kang Sang Chun, Director, Personal Secretariat (bsk)

Kang Sok Ju, KWP Secretary and Director of the International Affairs Department (2014–), DPRK Vice Premier (2010-20134 (bsk)

Kim Chang Son, Deputy Director, Personal Secretariat (c)

MAR Kim Chol Man former NDC Member, former CMC Member, former Chairman, Second Economic Committee (c)

Kim Chung Il, Chief, Office of Secretaries and Deputy Director, Personal Secretariat (c)

Kim Hi Taek, Ryanggang KWP Provincial Committee Chief Secretary (c)

Col. Gen. Kim Hyong Ryong, Commanding Officer, II Army Corps (bsk)

VMAR Kim Il Chol, former NDC Member and Vice Chairman, former Minister of the People’s Armed Forces (bsk)

Gen. Kim Jong Gak, Dean, Kim Il Sung Military University Graduate School; NDC Member (2009-2013); CMC Member (2010-2013) Minister of the People’s Armed Forces (April 2012 to October 2012)(bsk)

Kim Jong Il  (c)

Kim Jong Nam, KJI son and Personal Secretariat Aide (bskbp)

Kim Jong Un

Col. Gen. Kim Kang Hwan, former member, CMC (1980-2010) (bsk)

Kim Ki Nam CC KWP Secretary and Director of Publicity and Information; Member, CC KWP Political Bureau (c)

Kim Ki Ryong, Editor in Chief, Rodong Sinmun (bsk) (2010-2013)

Gen. Kim Ki Son, Deputy Director for Organization, MPAF General Political Department (bsk)

Kim Kuk Tae Chairman, CC KWP Control Commission (2010-2014) deceased

Kim Kye Gwan, Senior (1st) Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (bsk)

Gen. Kim Kyok Sik, Vice Chief of the KPA General Staff (2013-present) former Chief of the KPA General Staff (2013; 2007-2009) former commander IV Army Corps (2009-2011), Vice Minister of the People’s Armed Forces (2011-2012) Minister of the People’s Armed Forces (November 2012-May 2013)  (bsk)

Kim Kyong Hui KWP Central Committee Secretary and KJI’s sister (bsk)

Kim Kyong Ok, Senior Deputy (1st Vice) Director, KWP Organization Guidance Department; Member, CMC (bsk)

Gen. Kim Myong Guk Former Chief of the KPA General Staff Operations Bureau (1994-1996; 2007-2012)

Kim Ok, KJI’s personal secretary and common-law wife

Kim Pyong Hae CC KWP Secretary and Director of Cadres Affairs (c)

Kim Pyong Il, DPRK Ambassador to Poland (c)

Kim Pyong Phal Former Chairman, Central Committee GFTUK (c)

Gen. Kim Pyong Ryul, President, DPRK Central Court (1998-2013)

Kim Rak Hui, Vice Premier (2010-2012) deceased

Kim Tong Un (c) Deputy Director, Kim Jong Il’s Personal Secretariat (1988-2011)

Gen. Kim Tu-nam (bsk) (1930-2009) former CMC Member, former President Kumsusan Memorial Hall

Gen. Kim Won Hong, Minister of State Security, Political Bureau Member, Member, NDC, Member, CMC (bsk)

Kim Yang Gon CC KWP Secretary and Director, United Front (c)

Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister and Deputy Director KWP Central Committee

Gen. Kim Yong Chol, Member, CMC; Chief of the Reconnaissance General Bureau and Vice Chief of the KPA General Staff (bsk)

VMAR Kim Yong Chun, NDC Vice Chairman and Director of the KWP Civil Defense Department (bsk)

Kim Yong Il, DPRK Premier 2007-2010 (bsk)

Kim Yong Il, CC KWP Secretary and Director of International Affairs (2010-2014) (c)

Kim Yong Ju, Honorary Vice President, SPA Presidium (c)

Kim Yong Nam, President, Supreme People’s Assembly (c)

Kung Sok Ung, Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (c)

Kwak Pom Ki, KWP Secretary and Director of the Finance and Planning Department (bsk)

Mun Kyong Dok, CC KWP Secretary and Chief Secretary, Pyongyang KWP City Committee (bsk)

Gen. O Kuk Ryol, NDC Vice Chairman (Reconnaissance General Bureau) (bsk)

Mr. Paek Se Bong, NDC Member (2003-2013);  Chair of the Second Economic Committee (2003-2013) (bsk)

Gen. Pak Jae Gyong, Vice Minister for External Affairs, MPAF (c)

VMAR Pak Ki So (1929-2010) Commander, Pyongyang Defense Command 1992-2003 (bsk)

Pak Nam Gi (deceased) Director, CC KWP Financial Planning Department 2005-2010 (bsk)

Pak Pong Ju, DPRK Cabinet Premier (bsk)

Mr. Pak Myong Chol,Minister of Sports and Physical Culture;  NDC Councilor (c)

Pak To Chun, Member, National Defense Commission; CC KWP Secretary of Military Industry (bsk)

Gen. Pyon In Son, Director of the KPA General Staff Operations Bureau (2013-2014) (bak)

Ri Chol,Vice Chairman, DPRK Central Broadcasting Committee; Vice Chairman, Committee on Investment and Joint Ventures (bsk)

Ri Chun Hui, DPRK Media Personality and KCTV News Anchor (bsk)

Ri Kwang Gun, Deputy Director, CC KWP United Front Department (bsk)

Ri Hyok Chol, DPRK Ambassador to Egypt (c)

Ri Jae Il, Deputy Director, CC KWP Propaganda and Agitation Department; KJI Personal Secretariat (bsk)

Ri Je Gang (deceased), Senior Deputy Director, CC KWP Organization Guidance Department 2003-2010 (bsk)

Ri Kil Song, Director, Central Public Prosecutor’s Office (c)

Gen. Ri Myong Su, Ministry of People’s Security (bsk)

Gen. Ri Pyong Chol, Commanding Officer, KPA Air Force (Air Command); Member, CMC (bsk)

Ri Pyong Gap, DPRK Ambassador to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (2004-2011) (bsk)

Col. Gen. Ri Pyong Sam, Director, Political Bureau, Ministry of Public Security (bsk)

Ri Sol Ju, Wife Of Kim Jong Un

Ri Tae Nam, Vice Premier [2010-2011]  (c)

Ri Tuk Nam, Vice Chairman, CC KWP Control Commission (c)

VMAR RI Tu Ik (deceased), Member, CC KWP (1970-2002); Member, CMC (1980-2002) (bsk)

MAR Ri Ul Sol former Commanding Officer, Guard Command; former member, CMC (c)

Gen. Ri Yong Gil, Chief of the KPA General Staff (2013–) (bsk)

VMAR Ri Yong Ho, Chief of the General Staff (2009-2012); Vice Chairman of the CMC (2010-2012) (bsk)

Ri Yong Ho, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (bsk)

VMAR Ri Yong Mu, NDC Vice Chairman; KJI’s cousin (bsk)

Ro Tu Chol, Vice Premier and Chairman, State Planning Commission (c)

Thae Jong Su, Chief Secretary, South Hamgyo’ng KWP Committee (bsk)

Gen. U Tong Chuk, Senior (1st) Vice Minister of State Security (bsk)

Gen. Yun Jong Rin, Commander of the Guard Command; Member, CMC (bsk)

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