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Hong In-po’m (Hong In Bom)

updated 25 September 2012

Hong In-po’m is Chief Secretary of the South P’yo’ngan Provincial KWP Committee..  His appointment was conveyed by a 28 August 2010 KCNA report about a 26 August meeting electing delegates to the 3rd Party Conference (Meeting of Party Representatives).  Prior to his appointment Hong was a deputy (vice) director of the CC KWP Organization Guidance Department [OGD].

Hong began his career as a KCNA reporter in the late 1960s.  He was elected an Alternate (candidate) Member of the Party Central Committee (CC KWP) at the 6th Party Congress in October 1980. Hong became a party economic manager in South P’yo’ngan.  In November 1982 he was Chief KWP Secretary for Anju Coal Mining Complex’s party committee.  In March 1993 he was appointed deputy director at OGD.

There is no indication as to when Hong was officially appointed to his current position, although it is likely it was after the appointment of his predecessor Yi T’ae-nam (who was previously a party secretary at economic sites) to Vice Premier at the 3rd session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly in January 2010.

Hong was elected to full membership on the Party Central Committee (CC KWP) on 28 September 2010. On 25 September 2012 Hong was appointed to membership on the Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] Presidium (standing committee).

See also:

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