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Control Commission

Kim Kuk Tae, Chairman of the Control Commission

Ri Tuk Nam, Vice Chairman of the Control Commission

The Central Control Committee (which is also called the Control Commission and previously called the Inspection Committee) is responsible for regulating membership in the Korean Workers’ Party, as well as disciplinary issues involving party member members.  It investigates party members for anti-party and anti-revolutionary activities, party members who violate conditions of party membership, and any violations of the monolithic ideological guidance system.  The Central Control Committee is also a forum to which provincial and county parties, as well as individual party members, may direct appeals on party rules, procedures or to review an individual party’s member’s status.

The Central Control Committee is one of three power organizations subordinate to the Party Central Committee.  It is linked to the Organization Guidance Department and the Cadre Affairs Department (which are both subordinate to the CC KWP Secretariat).  Members of the Central Control Committee are elected at a party congress, meeting of party representatives (party conference) or can elected and appointed by the Party Central Committee.

Since 2007, the Vice Chairman of the Central Control Committee has been Ri Tuk Nam.

The role of the Central Control Committee is described in section 28 of Chapter 3 of the KWP Charter:

28. The Control Committee of the party Central Committee investigates members who commit anti-party, anti-revolutionary factional activities and other activities prejudicial to the monolithic ideological system of the party and who fail to observe the party platform and the party charter or violate other rules of the party. It also examines and settles cases appealed by individual party members and proposals from the provincial party committees related to problems of party discipline.


Kim Kuk Thae

Vice Chairmen

Jong Myong Hak (1st Vice Chairman)

Ri Tuk Nam


Cha Kwan Sok

Cha Sun Gil

Kim Yong Son

Pak Tok Man


Chong, Bong-ak .  A Handbook on North Korea (Seoul: Naewoe Press, December 1996) p. 113

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